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2007年12月 6日 (木)

Gas Table + DO a best seller / ベストセラーの+DOガステーブル

In september 2006 was the press launching of the revolutionary gas table + DO at the  Discothèque Velours in Aoyama. As a gas user I was very proud to cooperate with Tokyo Gas as the producer of  of this new model.
To see the CM click here
During 2007 +Do has really became a best seller and what makes me feel happy is that it changes the attitudes many people about cooking.  It is a good illustration of my idea that creative cooking tools give us chances to explore our creativity.
As you know this is an important point of my philosophy of the "Art of life" :  Not only life as it is but also by taking time to increase the joy of every moment. How can we do that, just  by giving our attention to all details of our lifestyle. Choosing carefully the tools we use is an important part of this process...+Do web page

Yesterday we had a party with all the team involved in the creation of this successful product. In 2008 I wish I will be given many chances to apply my ideas to create new concepts contributing to bring joy and creativity in our everyday lifestyles.

プレス発表会を青山のクラブ ベロワで開催しました、