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2008年10月30日 (木)

Yabai PJ!/やばいPJ!

What do you think of this picture taken during Halloween Night at Zest Ebisu?
Wow! Why do they love the Halloween PJ!

ハロウィーンの夜、Zest恵比寿で撮ったこの写真、どう思う?ワオッ! どうしてみんなハロウィーンPJが大好きなの?


Because he is a very bad boy!



A very bad boy!



Abunaï yo!


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2008年10月29日 (水)

PJ Dojo and Pumpkin cake./PJ道場とかぼちゃのケーキ

Funny title isn't it...

That is the paradox of my idea of "Lifestyle Design" : we need a "large vision" to give value to simple things of life but we also need the simple things of life to express our "large vision"... Good Life, Good Design, Good taste, Good Time,... all is an expression of what we consider as a "GOOD" life...

You know that my Dojo is about the "large vision" but I also always bake specially for the session a cake that expresses my feeling of "Good" for that day.

It is a way for me to share that feeling of my "good" with the participants. During Tea Time they eat the cake and with their body and their mind they understand without words the love I have put in the cake I have baked for them .

Halloween being close, for this last Sunday, I have created a  "Whisky and orange flavored Pumpkin pound cake". It was so delicious that the participants asked for the recipe, here it is :

Step 1 : The pumpkin Jam.
The process is quite long because all starts from a pumpkin jam. You have to begin one day before by seeding, peeling and cutting 1kg of pumpkin in cubes of 2x2cm. Put those cubes in a bowl. Then add 2 oranges cut in 5mmx5mm cubes (do not peel the orange). Add 750g brown sugar (clear color, not the dark one) 50cc Whisky, Bourbon or Rhum.  If you can, add a vanilla pod (it tastes great). and 1/2 litter of mineral water. Mix with a wooden spoon cover with wrap and let rest 3 hours, mixing from time to time to blend tastes.

Put in a thick pan, add 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg and cook covered on low fire until the pumpkin is just done 15 to 20 minutes ? (mix from time to time because it will thicken). Cover the surface with baking paper and let stand one night in the pan. Next morning, do not worry there is almost no more liquid in your pan. Anyway warm on low fire, bring to boiling temperature and cook 5 minutes more. Put immediately in jars and close the lid. Your jam is ready.

It's a lot of jam but I am sure you will enjoy having it in your fridge when you need some sweet comfort food, it is absolutely delicious!
Then when your jam is finished, before you sleep, put 30 g dry raisins in 30cc of the same alcohol you used for the jam. Let marinate overnight.













Step 2 : Next day, the cake...

Sift 150g cake flour with 6 g baking powder. Reserve. Then beat 100g salted butter (at room temperature) until creamy. Add 80g brown sugar and beat again until creamy (A mixer like a Kitchen Aid makes the job easier but you can use a manual whisk). Then add one whole L size Egg and 2tbsp of the flour mix. Mix well. Then add again 2tbsp flour and 1 more egg. Then add 200g pumpkin jam, mix gently with a silicon spatula then add the remaining flour in four steps. Add the raisins without liquid and if you can get it 50 g of roast pumpkin seeds. Set aside some seeds for topping. If you do not find pumpkin seeds, use walnuts or sliced almonds, grilled.




Warm your oven at 250º prepare a 17x7x7cm pound cake mold with baking paper, pour the batter, equalize the top with the back of a spoon then put in the middle of the oven. Immediately turn down the heat at 180º and bake 30 minutes. Grease a knife generously with salad oil and cut in the middle of the cake from side to side to help it expand well. Bake for around 30 minutes more. Check with a knife in the middle.

Let in the pan 15 minutes then unmold and let cool on a grid. Eat next day if possible...but,....will you be able to wait that long? I suggest serving with some of the pumpkin jam and a bit of whipped cream.

To check the proportions of my recipe for one cake I baked a cake again today. I used almonds instead of pumpkin seeds. It looks great isn't it?





Happy Halloween!

Next PJ Dojo : Monday 24 of November

I don't know yet what will be my "vision cake" for the next Dojo but I inform you that exceptionally in November it will not be on Sunday but on Monday the 24th (It is holiday) from 13h30 to 16h30 at the second floor of the Boat House of Senzoku Ike, just in front of the train Station.

The theme will be about "How to better understand Masculine energy and Feminine energy in your everyday life". Particularly for the realization of your dearest projects and in the relations with your partner.

Informations : here



次の道場で、どんな“ヴィジョン・ケーキ”を用意するかまだわかりませんけど、11月は例外的に日曜日ではなく24日月曜日(休日)に行うことをお知らせします。130430 洗足池ボートハウス2階。駅のすぐ目の前です。


インフォメーションは こちら

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2008年10月23日 (木)







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2008年10月21日 (火)

First lesson in "urban shamanism"/“都会のシャーマニズム”レッスン1

"Organic" is one of the new magic word with "supplements", "vitamins", and other trendy outside "fast fix"...Eat  a "soja bar" and you will feel good! Have a boost to your mood with CoQ10! And if you add an organic salad after your "dynamic chakra balancing yoga class" wow! you will become a perfect "Lohas" patented human being...

If you continue this lifestyle for a while  with a  "real shojin ryori bento" once a month, do you really believe that one day Buddha will wait for you at the doors of your yoga class, wearing a White Zen Tshirt with written "I feel Zen". Can you imagine he will make a wink and say to you "Hey babee, what about a ride on Mount Sumeru on my brand new Hannya Chyngyo bike?"

No, I am sure you do not believe this will happen even if you feed yourself with "organic brown rice" all day long...
So? What are you really waiting for?
Peace? Harmony? Happiness?
A perfect mate? A great Job? A lot of money?
Is it a deal like "Oh God, if I eat lots of brown rice and wear 3 power stones bracelets will I discover the paradise?".
Can the harmony in the universe really be based on consumption of organic food?Will we have to live spending money for special skin care creams to keep our face beautiful? Really do we have such a lack of confidence in the inner natural power of Life that we think we have to use outside "supplements" to save ourselves?

The first lesson for the Urban shaman is based on one idea : "Nothing comes from outside". No Buddhas, no Gods, no health, nothing, all comes from inside, all is an EX-PRESSION of YOU...This was the theme of my book "Yutaka ni ikiru" : "YOU ARE 100% responsible". It is the most basic teaching of all religions, it is the starting point of a SHIFT. Brown rice and Fast food hamburgers are the same thing if you are able to live in a state of oneness. What is important is your attitude!

So if you want to see a change in your life and in the world, remember this simple idea: "NOTHING COMES FROM OUTSIDE". This is the very important awakening the whole universe is waiting for. How to apply it? How can we make it practical? I will explain it more in details in my next post.

I love you!


こういうライフスタイルをしばらく続けて、“本物の精進料理弁当”を一カ月に一度食べていれば、ある日“I feel ZEN”と書かれた白いTシャツのブッダが、ヨガクラスの前であなたを待っているなんて信じる?













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2008年10月19日 (日)

About "positive eco" /“ポジティブなエコ”について

How do we know about the ecological problems of the world?
Mainly through the media.

There was a time, in the past, when humans were glancing through their windows to see how the world was looking.

Now where do we look? What are our new windows?

Our new windows are not analog ones anymore. They are electronic and digital. In big cities in front of our real windows we only see another building. So, we learn about what we do not see from our TV or through the internet. This is our new "reality"...

When our ancestors were looking at the sky they thought by themselves : "oh, there is some wind coming from the south so maybe will it rain soon..."

But in our "electronic reality" how can we check?In fact, now we even do not have to think, the media give us the questions and the answers. And it looks so natural to us that we agree without any doubt : it will rain, the economy is bad, the situation is critical, the warming is dramatic,...

The new "religion" is mediatic. People do not trust gods anymore, they trust the media because they think they show the "TRUE" reality...

Now, if you want to know about the future this new religion is building, look at the so called "information" they give and try to answer this question : what is the percentage of positive news in any standard information program?

If you do not know exactly just check by yourself. Here is how you can proceeed :  take a notebook and sit in front of a TV during the main information program in the evening, the one people look at when they are back home to relax after a full day of hard work. Write a + mark for  "good" news and a - for "bad" news. At the end, compare...

I do not have a TV but I can guess the answer...Very depressing isn't it?...

It is the way almost all inhabitants of developed countries agree about the fact that the ecological situation of the planet is critical...And then people start to feel bad and this problem comes in addition to the problems they already have...

Here, I want you to notice something very interesting, why do most of people feel bad about the ecological situation of the planet? Not really for the planet but for themselves. They think "if there is a real CO2 problem it can affect me". They do not think "Oh, my small life is not a problem but I am worrying about our poor planet".
See what I mean...

It is important to see how media are manipulating our brains, they stimulate our egoistic fears : MY life, MY family, MY house, MY security...

I do not want to say that thinking about our limited family is "bad", I just want to say that a real "ecology" philosophy is wider. Ecology is the positive feeling that all this universe from microscopic bacterias to huge galaxies is ONE family totally interdependent, it is a sense of "belonging" and responsibility. 

So when we understand this ONENESS what can we do to move from an egoistic "negative ecology attitude" to a global "positive ecology practice"?

I will answer this question in my next post about "How can we become Urban shamans? "

PS: Here is a link to a website where I am explaining some of my ideas about this "positive éco" : "Café écolo"























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2008年10月15日 (水)

Eco or not eco... / エコか、エコでないか…

I don't know if you noticed that I added a category about "eco" in my blog. Why? Because I feel that "eco" is becoming a "trend" like "slow food" and "lohas" were trends...

Everybody now is using the word "eco" as a sales "keyword" and a lot of people do not see that it is the tree that hides the forest...
In fact from where does this world "ecology" comes? It was created in 1866 by a German Biologist and Philosopher called Haeckel and the German word "ökologie" was a combination of two greek words "Oikos" meaning "house" and "logos" meaning "science" or "discourse about"... So "ecology" is the study of the relationships between us and the place we live in. More largely it means the relationships between all that is, because all is living energy around us.

This idea is very important because it does not concern only nature and us but everything in nature including us...and the relationship between us...
Why are all big companies making advertisings about "eco" since the "Summit"? Does it mean that they did not do "eco" before? Does it mean that they only awaken now naively to the fact that eco is good? If so, what did they do before? Did they violate the laws of nature? And why?

Before, I almost never wrote about "eco" because for me it is an evidence...I always considered that If I live in harmony in my house, if I do my best to contribute to the beauty of the world, there is no need to talk about eco...I feel that "eco" is one more word used to hypnotise people, so from now in this blog, I will write more about this question because I am so often surprised by the way some parts of the ecology are still so neglected.

Thank you!


なぜって? ”エコ”は今や”トレンド”になりつつあるでしょ。




なぜ大企業がサミットの後、”エコ“についての広告を出すのか? 以前彼らは”エコ“してなかった? エコっていいねって気付かせただけ? 彼らは自然の法則を壊した?



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2008年10月10日 (金)

Love, only love... / ラブ、オンリーラブ…



Recently, I notice something more and more alarming. In everyday life, in the train, in the streets, in shops,... almost in all public spaces, people are getting more and more easily upset. There is a kind of "hypersensitivity" growing everywhere and mainly it looks that it affects particularly women and mainly young women...

You involuntary touch them in a crowded supermarket with a corner of your bag and you get an angry reaction, you enter by mistake in a "lady's only" wagon in the train and no woman in that wagon will forgive you. If they could, they would even ask some "controller" to put you in jail...Where is the time when people were smiling and saying "That's OK, no problem..."?

Actually people are thinking "Eco", Earth friendly, CO2 etc.  and they think they do their best to save the planet...Then what about street relations and human communication? Does it happen outside of the planet? Is it without effect on the global harmony?

I am sorry to say that in Japan this situation gets on my point of view very CRITICAL and I see women at the center of the problem. Why is there so much anger in the heart of Japanese women actually? For sure it is the result of a very long state of fact, Women feel that they have to fight to survive. Sexual harassment, abuse, submission,...so many old unconscious memories to release from the body of our planet (and not only in Japan). Feminine energy for sure needs a balancing but is a war a solution to do this balancing?

Because If you look well at the situation I describe you will se that it is an invisible war. It is affecting the society, the economy, the family system, everything... This is the more damaging pollution but it is invisible. If nobody notice it, if women do not start noticing the energy they radiate, the Earth will remind everybody how much all this human anger affects her. If we do not make peace in our heart be ready for more tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, wars...wars not here, but somewhere else, in a country far from Japan because what happens in our heart affects the whole and particularly the most fragile countries...

Shall we continue to close our eyes and let this hypersensitivity become a non ending cycle or shall we start now taking care of what happens in our heart : cleaning our anger, starting now, right NOW and this job is not only for women, all of us, men and woment, should do a deep heart cleaning : cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,... It is not a 10 minutes work, think about Daruma sitting several years in front of a wall, it was not only for himself but also for all the suffering of the creation...

So, what shall we do? I think that one of the most healing word in this world is "I LOVE YOU!". See, when you say "I love you", nobody will complain. If you are able to say this sincerely in the middle of a fight with somebody you will stop the fight instantly...

Yes, it may look very simple but why not give it a try. Every time you feel anger surging in you, just do your best to replace that feeling with the thought : "I love you"...

Do it ceaselessly during one day, two days, a week, a month and more...then it will become a very useful habit for you and for the whole Universe...

Just try and you will see your reality changing...

Why not start immediately ?

"- I love you!"




今、人びとは”エコ”とか、地球にやさしくしようとか、CO2を減らそうとか、自分たちの惑星を救うためにがんばろうとか考えているのに、街でのこのていらたくはいったい何なのでしょう? ホントにこの惑星で起っていることなのでしょうか? 地球規模の調和はどこへいったのやら。

申しわけないですけれども、私PJ、こんな日本の状況についてそうとう批判的、そしてこの問題の中心は女性たちだと思います。どうして現在、日本の女性たちの心の中にはそんなイライラ、怒りがあるのでしょう? 間違いなくこれはある実態の結果と言えます。女性たちは生き残るために闘わねばと感じているのです、セクハラ、いやがらせ、抑圧…古い地球の無意識の記憶(日本だけではないですけど)の表出です。女性のエネルギーはバランスが必要、でもそのバランスのために争いが必要なんでしょうか?



何が私たちにできるか? 世界でいちばん癒しの言葉のひとつに”アイラブユー”というのがあると思います。”アイラブユー”と口にする時、文句言う人はありません。もし争いの最中にこの言葉を口にるなら、すぐに争いは終わるでしょう…






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2008年10月 2日 (木)

PJ Imagination Dojo October : How to catch inspiration? / 10月のPJイマジネーション道場 インスピレーションを得るには?



How did all great inventions happen?
From where did human beings create planes, boats, telephones, radios,...? Those mobile phones, computers, Internet,...from where did they come? And your actual life? The next minutes, the following seconds after you read this? The next meal you will eat? The next word coming out from your mouth?

All comes from inspiration. We all live by inspiration but we do not always notice it...When we see this evidence we become able to start using it better, we start cooperating consciously with it to create our everyday life...

The October session of the PJ Dojo will be as usual on the last Sunday of the month,
the 26th from 1h30 to 4h30 PM and it will be about the first rule of creation : "From
Inspiration to Choice".

Senzoku Ike Boat House , just in front of the
Senzoku Ike station (Ikegami sen).


Participation fee: ¥ 5000

For contact and reservation :  bureau@patricejulien.com 




洗足池ボートハウスは洗足池駅(東急池上線)の目の前です。 地図
参加費用:5,000円 予約とお問い合わせ:bureau@patricejulien.com 

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Old ryokan wanted... / 古い旅館探しています…


Yuri and I have the idea of a relaxation center and restaurant in Tokyo or near Tokyo and we think that the best place to do it would be an old ryokan or an old "sento" in Tokyo or near Tokyo.
Recently those kind of ryokans tend to close and disappear because the owners are too old and the places are getting outdated...so if you hear of such a place and feel it could be adapted to our wishes, let us know... here


こちら までメールしてね。

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Salade d'endives au Roquefort.

In French, we call it "endives", in Japan it is called "Chicory"...why, I don't know...because the name have a French origin and in France Endives are made by growing a bitter salad called Chicorée in sand without any exposure to the light. In the North of France and in Belgium people grow their own "endives" in the basement of their house...

Anyway today for lunch I made a very famous "bistro style" salad : "Salade d'endives au Roquefort". It's so simple, delicious and Yuri love it.




If you want to try here is the recipe for 2 : 1 endive (Chicory) 30g blue cheese, 20g walnuts (optional but good), 1 teaspoon vinegar mixed with 1/2 teaspoon honey, 1 tablespoon salad oil or hazelnuts oil, salt and pepper...

That's all! Hope you enjoy it!


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2008年10月 1日 (水)

The smell of bread / パンの香り

Today I baked bread at home. I started the process a day before by making an Italian style starter called "biga". I make the "biga" by mixing some yeast (3 g of dry yeast) with 300g of bread flour, a teaspoon of honey and 300cc of tepid water. Left to ferment in a bowl protected by a plastic bag (not plastic wrap) the very wet dough will start bubbling. After 2 hours outside mix again the biga with a wooden spoon to make it fall down a bit, wrap in the bag and leave it in the fridge until the next day.




The next day when you are ready, in a bowl, mix your biga with 600g bread flour, 18 g salt, 6 g dry yeast, 50cc olive oil and around 420-450cc warm water (around 35ºC). This makes a very sticky dough. Cover the bowl with plastic bag and let the dough double in volume. Then without punching it flatten in a 5cm thick square and cut in pieces (use flour to handle). Put the pieces on an oven pan with enough space in between because it will grow in size and let rise around 40 minutes before baking in a hot oven (around 240º) during 1 hour.

During the baking process you will enjoy the great smell of bread in your home. For me it is really one of the best aromatherapy session you can give to yourself...



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