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2008年11月26日 (水)

Winter coming./ほら冬が

As you can see, our cat Bisou is now ready for Winter.



Days are now getting very short but did you notice how Autumn light is beautiful?



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How to be "Always Nouveau"? /“いつもヌーボー”でいられる方法?

The Beaujolais Nouveau is a nice occasion to celebrate something in November, somehow it is a rehearsal before Christmas. In fact if we look closer at the dates we see that it is a kind of French "Thanksgiving" (Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November and the BN the third one).


Inviting friends at home, cooking for them, having fun, and partaking of a symbolic gift from Mother Earth is a good way to share the love and give thanks. This Year with 10 friends, we shared the Beaujolais from a small barrel, it is  a very fun way to enjoy the "Nouveau".



This idea of "NOUVEAU" is such a good concept that this simple word have a new dimension around the world. Other French regions also are now releasing their "Nouveau". In a supermarket in Futago Tamagawa, I found a very interesting bottle released by a winery of Côtes Catalanes, a region in the South of France near Spain.



The label shows a sentence attributed to Pablo Picasso : "On met longtemps à devenir jeune" which means "It takes long time to become young"...Great message isn't it? Isn't it better to focus on becoming everyday "New" than to imagine that we age everyday. In 2000, when I started to practice Zen I decided to start a count down with my age, I was 48, I am now 40...What will happen when I succeed in being 100% Nouveau...?


ラベルにはパブロ・ピカソの言葉があります。"On met longtemps à devenir jeune" これは“若くなるのに長い年月を要した”という意味。素晴らしいメッセージじゃない?毎日歳をとっていると思うより、毎日”新しく”なっていると思ったほうがいいと思わない?2000年に私は禅の修行を始めました。その時、私は自分の年齢をカウントダウンしていこうと決めたのです。あの時私は48歳でした。だから今は40歳…100%完璧にヌーボーになったら、どうなるかな?



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2008年11月17日 (月)

Café Ecolo nº3 is online/カフェエコロ vol.3 オンラインで


To see my new contribution to the homepage of Mitsui "Café Ecolo" click here


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2008年11月15日 (土)

Monday 24 th PJ Dojo : Feminine & Masculine energies/24日月曜日のPJ道場:女性のエネルギー、男性のエネルギー

To create any living thing nature needs the collaboration of two energies, what is called "male energy" and "female energy". Flowers, trees, animals, humans,...no exception.

If you look at magnets you will see the same principle at work. The flow of energy goes from positive to negative




Even our planet Earth is affected by this double principle



On the two pictures you can observe how an harmony is present in this double polarity. It creates movement in unity, apparently different directions become part of a a whole picture. We can see that Harmony and oneness is the basic rule of the whole system.


This "magnetic" energy affects everything from atoms and cells to galaxies so it also affects us. Humans are so busy in their heads that they tend to get "out of rythm"



This month during the PJ dojo we will consider practically 3 directions :

- How can we feel those two energies within ourselves?

- How can we be back in rhythm?

- How can we use those two energies in our relations and in our creations?

Monday 24th of November  (It is holiday) from 13h30 to 16h30

Second floor of the "Boat House" of Senzoku Ike ( just in front of the Station).

Informations : here








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2008年11月11日 (火)

Honeybee's visit.../ミツバチの訪問

A few weeks ago Yuri and I were having our breakfast in our garden, the weather was very nice and sunny, suddenly we had the visit of a bee...Every morning, to sweeten my expresso I use honey instead of sugar. The jar was open on the table. The bee flew around thinking -maybee-(joke may-bee fu-fufu): "Wow!  A lot of our honey here, no need to work today, let's carry some of it back home..." I must confess it was a good pure Japanese Honey and not a cheap imported one mixed with glucose sirup (mizu ame)...I started to communicate with the visitor. "Hey, what do you want?"...The answer was clear "I want to try this honey". I said "Ok, go ahead!" so she entered the jar for a tasting. In fact she felt a bit insecure being in the jar so I said "OK, let put some on a spoon". She answered "Great idea!" and so we became friends. I then said, "Ok, now we are friends so I will give you some honey on my finger" and she said " Wow, you trust me so I trust you and this is what happened.






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2008年11月 9日 (日)



I found this "choco-mint by Morinaga and I really like it. I must confess that I saw it on sale in very few convenience stores. If you like the combination of bitter black choco and mint you will enjoy this "Morinaga" creation (for adults only...).



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2008年11月 4日 (火)

"Waters of Life always flowing"/ライフの水はいつも流れている


Two comments on this blog have allowed me to write an answer I want to share with all my readers. Here it is :

Dear Maasa san, Dear Jeannie,
Thank you for your comment...
First, about the question of Maasa, I will answer by a question to myself : "What would I do if suddenly I become blind?"

Would I stay prostrated and wait for death to come remembering with regrets the time when I could see? Would I move ahead and discover the "gift" in this apparently "negative" happening?

Many people have expanded their "Inner Force" trough this kind of experiences. Life always have a message : "Move on! and love what happens!

"Always say "Yes", Move on." That is the message of Life, rivers never flow back and if they stop flowing they become dry...Water teach us great lessons isn't it?

"I AM" is not a bank, it is not a stock of memories of the past," I AM" is Life always expressing itself through BEING in the PRESENT (The GIFT of NOW).

Memories are like phantoms. In us there is a lot of lovely and lovable phantoms but phantoms are Earthbound spirits, we have to let them fly to the light, we have to let them free and not stuck in our hearts. So when the color Bordeaux disappear if you listen to life, you will discover a new experience corresponding to your new level of awareness. Nobody stays forever in the first class of a kindergarden so our toys have to change as we evolute.

And here comes my answer to Dear Jeannie (How was the Marathon?")wooden spoons and silicone spatulas are toys for me and I discovered that "for me" they constitute the best interface in this situation.

For example when I massage the breast of my wife, I can choose between using just my hands, I can use almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or talc powder... I am sure you will agree that choosing one of them will give a "different feeling" to the whole experience for her and for me.

Using a wooden spoon at some steps makes the same difference for the cake and for me. Both the cake I am creating and myself like it better this way, so the result is that the taste is affected by this "loving communication" between us : cake, wooden spoon, silicone spatula and me.

It's a teamwork.

I once looked at a video on the net of a man using a metal spatula to put the chocolate mousse he just made in small glass ramequins. And the bowl was saying "Klang!Klang!Klang!" because it was a metal bowl too...And I was feeling really bad in my heart during the whole process because chocolate mousse is so soft, this "Klan!Klang!Klang!" of metal on metal was like the bowl and the mousse saying "It hurts!It Hurts! "

In this case I would personally have chosen one of my dear silicone spatulas. And to be more precise in this case I would choose a particular shape that allows me to clean the bowl perfectly so I would not throw away any gram of this precious mousse.

But What If I do not have a silicone spatula at home dear Maasa san? Hahaha. I cannot answer because I have several of them at home. I know by experience that I always prefer this accessory when I cook...

It is what I call "lifestyle design" getting what I need to make my life enjoyable...But what if silicone spatula did not exist?

It may be the reason why somebody had the idea to create them...

He moved on, made money and helped humans get a very precious tool,...
So Maasa san...when something disappear it is  a chance to help the world, as an example of it you may have heard of Helen Keller. Her life better than my words is a living answer to your question...
























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2008年11月 3日 (月)

Impact of the PJ Dojo. PJ道場の効果

Today I want to share with you an interesting result of the PJ Dojo and the funny way the Universe is working.
One of our Students had the dream to become a Leather Artisan. He started to attend the Dojo about one year ago and step by step his Dream became a reality. A few weeks ago everything took shape and he started his atelier called:




When I asked him "Which kind of leather work do you do?" he shown me his wallet and his watch. When I saw the belt of his watch I remembered that my favorite watch (It is a watch I designed in 1997) needed a new belt... I asked him, can you create a belt for this watch? He said yes and took note of my ideas. After one week I got my watch back with a great hand made belt.



Do you see what I mean? My dream is to make people Dreams come true. So the Dojo gave him hints to move in the direction of his dreams. Then as a reward I could become one of his first customers and have my beloved watch get a perfect belt...So magical isn't it?
So, if you dream of a leather bag or wallet or slipper or accessory have a look at Iron brand new website, Takumi san will help you make your dream become a reality.
Iron website






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