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2008年12月18日 (木)

Last 2008 PJ Creator's Workshop/2008年最後のPJクリエイター道場


The end of the year 2008 is close, media are spreading around sad news about the economy and some people are feeling anxious. But if we look at the world, we see that anyway the sun is shining, the sky is blue, birds are singing and playing as usual, trees are resting for the burst of spring,.. Life is forever perfectly OK...Only the ideas of men are getting strange.

So, how was 2008 for you? For us it was paradoxically difficult and easy, hard an fun. What we noticed during the "hard days" is that it is important to hold the idea that we are not "Creators" of our lifestyle but "Co-creators", we are like an instrument in the orchestra of Life so we never play solo...

The last session of The PJ Workshop of this year this Sunday will be an occasion to clean the memories of 2008 to create a conducive space for a great "Co-creative" 2009 New Year.

Let's prepare our hearts for a Brand New Year
Hope to meet you Sunday at the Monthly PJ Workshop.

In Love and Beauty





In Love and Beauty



good luck

投稿: Shannon Nunez | 2009年1月11日 (日) 03時01分