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2009年1月 8日 (木)

Next PJ Creator's Workshop : The 7 principles of Aloha Lifestyle/次回のPJクリエイターワークショップ:アロハ・ライフスタイル7つの基本


Recently "Ho'oponopono" is getting really popular in Japan and around the world. The book of Joe Vitale "Zero Limit" and the successful experience of Doctor Hew Len with criminally insane patients at the Hawaï State Hospital have brought the focus on the importance of the "cleaning of the memories" or "erasing the data" stored in the subconscious.

As Dr Hew Len says in all his workshops, Ho'oponopono do not teach something new. It is already what Buddha and all real Spiritual Masters came to teach : "We should look for our True Face". What does that mean? That we should throw away all the memories, all what we have learned, all what we believe in. We should keep nothing even our wish for success, for love, for money,...nothing!

It does not mean that we have to stop living in society, on the contrary. It means that we become able to live from our true SELF and not from our illusory EGO. Our Ego is only knowledge and it is limited but our real SELF is INFINITE so why continue to imagine we are a small pond of stagnant water when we are living in reality in the middle of the infinite ever new flow of Life?

Ho'oponopono is part of the Hawaïan Shamanic tradition called "Huna". It is an important part of it but it is not all of this tradition. It is only the "cleaning" part used when things get dysfunctional, when the state of ALOHA is broken.

"Huna" is the whole practice and it is about cultivating "ALOHA". The Huna System is based on 7 basic principles which are full of practical wisdom :

IKE - The World is What You Think It Is.
KALA- There Are No Limits.
MAKIA- Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.
MANAWA - Now Is The Moment Of Power.
ALOHA - To Love Is To Be Happy With.
MANA - All Power Comes From Within.
PONO - Effectiveness Is the Measure of Truth.

In the next session of the PJ Creator's Workshop I will present those 7 principles, explain the way I use them in my everyday life and show the participants the way they can use them with success to create the "reality" they wish.

Next PJ Creator's Workshop:

"The 7 Principles of Aloha "

Sunday January 25th

As usually, second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).
From 13:30 to 16:30
Participation fee : ¥5000
reservations & informations
: bureau@patricejulien.com

最近“ホ オポノポノ”が日本で、世界のあちこちで、すごい人気になっていますね。ジョー・ヴィターレの著書"Zero Limit"や、ドクター・ヒューレンがハワイの州立病院で触法精神障害者を癒した成功例が、潜在意識にとどまっている「記憶の浄化」あるいは「データの消去」がいかに大切かを明確にしています。

ドクター・ヒューレンがワークショップで言っているように、ホ オポノポノは新しい教えじゃありません。すでにブッダやあらゆるスピリチュアルの偉大な師たちが教えてきたものです:自己を探さなければならない。



ホ オポノポノは、“フナ”と呼ばれるハワイ古来の叡智の一部です。とても重要なパートですが、すべてではありません。物事がうまく機能しなくなったり、アロハ(調和)が壊されている時に使う“浄化”のパートなのです。


イケ  世界はあなたがそうだと思っているもの

カラ  限界はない

マキア エネルギーは注意をひいている方へ流れる

マナワ 今こそがパワーの時

アロハ 愛することは、一緒で幸せということ

マナ  すべてのパワーは内からやってくる

ポノ  機能的であることは、真理のものさしである


次回 PJクリエイター・ワークショップ: 


1月25日 日曜日 

いつもどおり池上線 洗足池駅前のボートハウスの2階 13:30-16:30


予約とお問い合わせ: bureau@patricejulien.com



I have just read the latest edition of Ho'oponopono for the first time and was surprised Patrice-san was in ithappy02
I remember what we did in PJ Kyoto Dojo(I was there),and dawned on my mind.Thank you soooo much for practicing one of those hula system.heart

Those 7 hawaiian words sounds very deepconfident

投稿: sanae | 2009年1月 8日 (木) 16時51分

Thank you Sanae san.
I wish you a year when you do not need to wish anything anymore because all will come to you naturally without even wishing it!

投稿: Patrice | 2009年1月 8日 (木) 17時37分






投稿: でくのぼう | 2009年1月16日 (金) 08時17分


I think you!

投稿: 風来暮 | 2009年1月18日 (日) 11時30分