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2009年1月30日 (金)

Surprise Valentine lesson.../びっくりバレンタイン・レッスン…


This morning, while writing the recipe of my chocolate truffles I thought that it is difficult to explain the technical points about the right texture of the chocolate. Also I know that some readers sometimes try the recipes and because they do not respect some basic cooking rules they do not succeed and feel frustrated and they hate me... It is why I am always a bit worried about publishing recipes here...

In fact, the best way would be to show how I do...
So, I suddenly thought that maybe some readers of this blog would like to have a chance to participate in a Valentine atelier in our kitchen to assist at a demonstration of 2 of my choco recipes : the "Tea flavored truffles" and the "Hazelnut-choco brownie" requested by several members of the PJ Dojo (Anyway I will publish the recipe here very soon).

The basic teaching of the PJ Dojo is that from thought to reality there is just one step, so if  you are interested in learning and tasting those 2 recipes with a tea at our place, you will have a chance to participate at this "surprise desert session" Sunday 8 of February from 2:30 to 6PM. It will be at our house in Senzoku Ike. The participation will be ¥ 7.500.

You can book for this event by clicking here
Hope to see you then.



PJ道場の基本の教えは、思いから実現までは一歩あるのみ。だから、もし私たちのところで、お茶をしながらこの2つのレシピを味わいたい、習いたいと心動かされるなら、この“びっくりデザートセッション”に参加できるチャンスです。2月8日日曜日 2:30~6:00pm。場所は、洗足池の私たちの家です。参加費は7500円。


In Love and beauty.