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2009年4月 8日 (水)

18 April : A surprise event by Patrice & Yuri/4月18日:パトリスとユリによるサプライズ・イベント


This month, Yuri and I participating again in an Hooponopono workshop with Dr Hew Len there will not be a regular PJ Dojo this month. The next one will be on May 31 and it will be about a very interesting topic : using the different "Aspects of yourself". I will introduce this concept of "aspects" more in details in one of my next posts.

For this month I got suddenly the inspiration to hold a surprise event in substitution to the PJ Dojo. On Saturday 18 of April from 6:00PM to 10:00PM. Yuri and I will organize a limited Evening at our home with a light buffet dinner and after the dinner a channeled free Q & A session. The spring energy flowing around us and in us is a perfect timing to move on new horizons in our life, deepen perspectives, focus on ourselves and on our dreams. The Q & A session will be a chance to ask freely to Patrice's Channeled Guides about anything you want to get clear about.

Program of the evening :
6:00 registration
6:30 start of dinner
8:00~ Start of Q & A
10:00 end

Participation fee all included : ¥13.000

Informations and reservations at : bureau@patricejulien.com



6:00 受付
6:30 ディナー
8:00 Q&A セッション
10:00 終了





投稿: Sarah | 2009年4月16日 (木) 00時31分


投稿: Sarah | 2009年4月16日 (木) 00時33分

Of course 5-31 is the regular PJ Dojo and it is open to anyone.
You are welcome Sarah

For the Ho'oponopono workshop it will be our 6th time to participate...

投稿: Patrice | 2009年4月17日 (金) 00時49分

totemosutekina yorudeshita patricesannno oishii ryourito totemo igokochinoyoi kuukannto yurisannno omotenashito BIZOUchann made aisatusni
kitekuremashitane sonoatono chanering ano heyani irutokini kanjita fushigina kankakuha ima kanngaeruto enerugi- datanokamoshiremasen soshite imamade moyamoyatoshiteitakangaega nakunarimashita hitotono tsunagariwo taisetsuni soshite imaginationwo tanoshimu konotaisetsuna messagewo arigatougozaimashita SATOMI

投稿: satomi | 2009年4月19日 (日) 22時38分