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2009年4月15日 (水)

Channeling and imagination./チャネリングとイマジネーション

How do we get radio stations access our mind?
How do we catch television programs in our houses?
More and more people have internet reaching their computers without any need for a physical line,
We are all using mobile phones on an everyday basis...
this communication without any need for physical lines is increasing in our everyday life, even remote controllers work the same way...Do anybody think it is weird?

But back in 1893 when a genius called Nicolas Tesla did his first demonstration of radio wireless communication at St Louis, Missouri many people around him thought he was a "mad scientist".

Today, who knows his name? Who knows that our actual communication world was being birthed then in the imagination of this Serbian immigrant.

We are now 24h a day living in what the Universe inspired to Tesla. He felt that we are all bathed in an information world we do not see. Today, more than 100 years after this date, people use mobile phones around us and we do not feel it is strange. We see them and hear them speaking but do not realize that all those "ideas" and "words" are always flying in the air around us, available to us  24 hours a day. If we have a radio or a TV receiver we can also get programs of sports, music, news,...


All this is traveling in the air at any moment and any place and we do not see it. We see the color red and the color violet but what about the colors we cannot see? Does that mean that what we cannot see does not exist? Does that mean that what we cannot hear do not exist?

Imagine a man who does not know anything about a TV or a radio. If he did not know how to use his receiver, if he did not know how to tune to a particular station what would happen? Nothing...

It is the same with our minds...We accept our communication machines like scientific and technical evidences but what would have it been if we were born 500 years ago...those ideas would have been judged crazy...There is no magic as a trick, all is about opening our imaginations to the LAWS OF LIFE.

What happens today when we hear the world "channeling"? Many people think it is "strange" or "weird" or "occult"... They do not see that it is an application of absolutely the same rule that they are already using with their TV... Except the fact that for "channeling" the only machine you need is your own mind...

But now it is time to start training ourselves for our next technological revolution...We are already doing it everyday but we still do not accept it fully. What is inspiration? What is intuition? What is an invention? What is a creation?

All this is "channeling" or "wireless communication" with the mind of the Universe. Laboratory research is not research, it is just a tuning procedure, working trough trial and error. It is the same thing we are doing when we use a radio and tune in a particular frequency until we get a clear reception of the program.

Channelers are not special people, they are just people who accept the strangeness of this tuning and the risk to have other people say that they are "crazy" or "fake".

It is now time to open ourselves to the truth of our real potential and learn how to "tap in" the mind of the Universe. It is time for everyone to start using the free "wireless communication system of the Universe". It is not difficult, the first step is to stop thinking that it is weird.

Everybody have this "build in capacity" from the beginning of times. No man has a particular gift that would allow him to say he is a reincarnation of a special entity. All spiritual Masters are just people who took the risk to be judged "weird". What they found is in now the "public domain" of the Universe. It is available at every moment. Everybody is able to access this "database".

Our technology is just a symbol, a proof that it works : "If you can hear the voice of a distant friend in the speaker of your mobile phone it means that you are a channeler and you can also choose to access any mind in the past or the future..."

What about so called "guides" or channeling big names like Buddha, Jesus or even God? Sounds weird isn't it... but is it really? Does the "energy" associated with those names belong to the past or is it still available now to us...?

Why do people meditate? Why do they do Zazen? What are they trying to reach?...Where are the solutions of the actual so called "Economical problems"...? From where will answers emerge for our future about new energies, anti pollution devices, social and economic innovations?

From laboratories? From banks? From geniuses? From astrology? From new prophets or special people...or more simply from each one of us if we finally accept that we are not only a fragile assemblage of cells suspended in time from birth to death...

When will we start to understand the unlimited potential in us?...

Next Saturday 18th session will be about this. I will share with you what is coming through me about how to start channeling your solutions. Remember, in 1992, I did it through a cooking book : "France Ryori ABC". I was not a Chef, just a person like everybody and this simple 98 pages book had an unexpected influence on so many people, it was not only a cooking book, it was about joy and potential... Synchronistically, a few weeks ago after being republished regularly during 17 years, "France Ryori ABC" retired, "Otsukaresama!..." This means for me that my next step is starting. After a kind of "food revolution" with this book, a "Lifestyle revolution" with "Sekatsu wa art", now I am glad to start contributing to what is happening now on this Planet : "The mind revolution..."

Do not be impressed by words like "Channeling" or "Guides", it is the same thing as "Guérande salt" or "Olive oil", just ingredients to cook a "Good Life". You already did learn how to cook good food, how to cook nice lifestyles, now let's start cooking with our minds...


See you saturday for a great evening! O tanoshimi"

I Love you!
























I love you




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