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2009年6月29日 (月)

PJ Dojo report Part 1 : "Channeling" and "Inspiration"/PJ道場レポートパート1:“チャネリング”と“インスピレーション”


Yesterday's Dojo was a "channelling" about the "Law of attraction". Because the informations can be interesting for all the readers I decided to publish in this blog a detailed report about the main points that came out.

At the beginning of the session, to introduce this idea of "channelling", I first presented the difference between what I call "Inspiration" and "Channelling". Here is my personal experience of this difference :

In fact we are all "channeling" life naturally because we are part of the "whole" universe and we are in a large part "remote controlled" by an unknown principle of Life. Why do our heart beat? How do our liver work? How does the breath come in and out? From where do our ideas come from? We try to explain it but we do not know and will never know because it is not useful... To know why the wind happens is certainly less important than knowing how to use it for a better life. Don't you think so? Better to have food to eat than to know where does the food originate ultimately...

So we channel 24h a day. But those "hints" we receive from the Infinite are filtered by our tendency to try to control everything about the world, separating what we judge "good" or "bad" for ourselves. The  information we get trough channeling has no words on it, we do not get its meaning by our "brain" but through our whole being.

To feel those first level of informations we have to be very receptive, very open to everything. It is why a majority of people do not notice this continuous flow. They are too busy thinking! They do not notice it in the first stages (non verbal stages) they notice it only when it comes through the filters of their knowledge, this second stage is what I call "Inspiration".

To give an example, yesterday, during the channeled part, I was answering the question of a participant about how to overcome some apparent obstacles in her way. Suddenly, listening to her words with my  eyes closed I felt a baby playing around her. So without any filter I could say directly : "I see a baby!" and the person incredibly amazed says "Yes! Yes! This is part of the actual situation!".

If I had thought, "mmm...this baby is just an illusion, it may have no relation with the question"  I would maybe have not reported my feeling. I would maybe have tried to find answers inside my "own ideas". It still could have some relationship with the original energy, but remixed with some of my knowledge.

During a "channeling" we just have to let the ideas flow like a download in a computer without being critical about the contents, we just have to let it come out like a TV program on a screen, without expectations.

But very often we do not accept this flow as it is, we more or less unconsciously do a selection and give it a "nice" shape, it becomes what I call "Inspirations", a transformed pattern looking almost logical for us.

During a session of the Dojo since a few months ago, I started to feel the difference between the two types of informations. Now it is generally clearly stated in my blogs as "Channeled session" when I decide to channel. When it is a "normal session" or "inspired" session I write nothing or mention "Normal session".

For example, this Sunday's session was "channeled" but the next one, on Sunday July 26 will be a "normal" class about Lifestyle Design on the subject : "How can we design a lifestyle?".

To be sincere, I must say that I personally feel "channeling" much more enjoyable, relaxing and powerful than "inspiration" talk. I feel it like letting a child express freely and I am very often amazed by what come out. Even for me channeling is like listening to the words of somebody else and learning something new every time...

(Part 2 coming soon : "The Zero point")









例えば、7月26日日曜日に行われる 今度のセッションは、“ライフスタイルデザイン”についての“普通の“クラスです:“ライフスタイルをどのようにデザインするか?”