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2009年7月20日 (月)

Little Press Fair 2009.../2009リトルプレスフェア…

If you read my books, you know that I am always carrying with me an old model of a notebook looking like  the now famous Moleskine. The one I am still using was a very basic model popular amongst French carpenters in the old times.

Unfortunately this model was made by hand and it was becoming too expensive to craft so it is not sold anymore...Compared with the Moleskine, this model have the advantage to be able to hold a small pencil or pen and this aspect is very practical because you always have your writing tool and the notebook together...


A few weeks ago I was checking my old notebooks collected since 1992 and I found a little illustrated story I wrote some day in 2001 during a trip in the subway. I found that the story was cute and I thought that It would be nice to have a chance to be able to share it with the public...

Then... a synchronistic thing happened. I got a phone call from Cowbooks, a very trendy Alternative Bookshop in Aoyama. They asked me if I would like to participate to their annual very popular event : "The Little Press Fair".

Every year, they ask artists and writers to create a very special editorial item to be sold during the event. Wow! What a chance to share my story! So, from the originals of my notebook I created a "cards book" with one illustration per page and I came out with 29 pages, a nice cover and a back page which makes all together 31 pages...


Then, to make it fun I looked for ideas of a cover...I finally camme out with 2 Real leather covers (Bright pink and bright blue), 2 Cute fabric covers, and 10 basic enveloppe covers. All together a limited edition of 14 books.


The story is about the question "Who is sad?" when we think that we are sad...Do not worry, it is not a sad story, on the contrary, it is a very Zen story showing that when we think that we "feel" sad in fact  there is nobody to be sad in us...


The little press Fair will be from August 1rst to 23.

Informations at : www.cowbooks.jp