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2009年7月19日 (日)

PJ Creator's Workshop : The basic rules of Lifestyle design/PJクリエイターズ・ワークショップ

Summer time is a great time to pause and reflect about new projects in life...Cooling down, relaxing help to welcome new ideas and new dreams...

If we look at a few rules of "product design" we see that it can be a good way to stimulate the research of practical solutions.


Let's have a look together at some of them to see how they can also apply to any change in life :

1) The decision to innovate :
Product:All new design starts from a decision to create a new product.It is not only a "dream", it is a project.
Life:A lot of people have a vague dream to change something in their life but they never make it a decision. A decision is a commitment, it is almost a contract with yourself  it says : " I decide 100% to create a new life".

2) A project has a deadline :
Product:The company have always a time schedule to release the new product.
Life:How many people have a time schedule to make a change in their reality?   

3) A clear motivation and a clear objective :
Product : Why a "new design"?
Sometimes, it is because the old one have been frustrating and did not give full satisfaction to the customers or on the sales aspect.
Sometimes it is because the policy of the company is to always keep innovating.
The analysis of the motivations is very important because it starts from making a listing of the strong points and the weak points of the product.

Life : This step looks evident but it is very helpful...
For example a Mother who works at home for her family wants to start working outside...
Which innovation would this "new life" bring to her family?

4) Precise specifications :
Product : The analysis on step 3 helps to create the specifications of the new product.Very precise specifications are necessary because they are the guideline for the new product during all the stages until the product is released.

Life : Too often, new life projects result in frustrating situations because the specifications stay very imprecise and they are not clearly written, sometimes they change in the course of the process.

5) The constraints :
All product is designed within some constraints.
Practical constraints : for example, a chair needs at least 3 legs to support the weight of a body...

In life also we also should think about practical constrains : what are they?

Financial constraints : the product should not exceed a certain cost.

That is a very common issue when somebody decides a new life. It should always be considered realistically but creatively.

Technical constraints : in the actual state of the equipment of the factory some designs cannot be executed.

Every person, every family have also a state of the equipments...Looking precisely at this aspect will help define the next step...

6) Negotiable and non negotiable constraints :
Products : Are the constraints negotiable or non negotiable?

This is a very important aspect because very often, poor designs result from a bad management of constraints...

For example if when a car is designed "Must be fun" is a negotiable constraint the car may become a boring practical car... If it is non negotiable, designers absolutely have to find fun ideas or the new design will not be approved.

In a new life, what are the negotiable and non negotiable constraints?We have to decide it.

7) Consensus :
At every one of the 6 steps described it is very important to have a consensus between all the sections of the company so the whole team can start with a clear concept supported by every one. This is the key of harmony.

Life : I noticed that a lot of people forget this step. They start the "design" process without the necessary communication and they get oppositions...

Usually, in a company, the person in charge of the "innovation section" starts from a presentation showing to all the other departments how the "new product" can bring "good" consequences for everyone...

I am sure that you see how those very simple "design steps" can be useful to help come out with creative solutions. During the next Creator's workshop I will show you how you can apply them to your own situation to help you "release" new and exciting "products" in a near future...

Next Creators Workshop :  Sunday 26 of July 2009 (Normal Session)

"How rules for "product design" can also apply to "lifestyle design""
Second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).

From 13:30 to 16:30

Participation fee : ¥5000

Reservations & informations : bureau@patricejulien.com















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