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2009年8月26日 (水)

Saturday 29/8, cooking atelier : "Saveurs de Nice"8月29日土曜日、料理教室サヴール・ド・ニース


The PJ cooking atelier "Saveurs de Nice", A discovery of Provence Gastronomy will take place on Saturday August 29th from 3PM to 8PM  at our place in Senzoku Ike. For more information, see here.
The menu is :
Entrée : Pissaladière .
A traditional Provence style onion and anchovy tart on an olive oil crispy crust
Soupe : Soupe au Pistou.
The most famous vegetable soup of Provence with it's basilic sauce.
Granité : Granité au melon

An kind of sherbet to be served before the main dish made with honey and melon
Main dish : Poulet aux olives avec riz au safran

A beautiful combination of colors and flavors.
Dessert : Mini crêmes brûlées au citron et au Romarin

A combination of 2 easy to do crême brûlées.

PJ料理教室、サヴール・ド・ニース 南仏プロヴァンス美食の発見が、8月29日土曜日、洗足池の我が家で行われます。詳しくはここを見てね。

アントレ*プロヴァンスの伝統的な一品、オニオンとアンチョビのタルト オリーブオイルでサクサクに作るパイにのせて
スープ*プロヴァンスで最も有名な野菜スープ バジルソース添え
グラニテ*ハチミツとメロンのシャーベット メインディッシュの前のお口直しに
メインディッシュ*カラフルな色と香りのコンビネーション (チキン&サフランライス)

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2009年8月22日 (土)

"I AM" ; a new silver accessory by PJ/"I AM" PJによる新作シルバーアクセサリー

Today I want to introduce one of my new projects. A silver accessory.

During years, I have tried several neck accessories with stones, crystals, silver motifs,... but I never have been really fully satisfied by the feeling I got when wearing them.

As I was wondering if I could find something really adapted to my expectations, synchronistically a proposal came one day asking me to create my original accessory... What a chance!

I was then introduced to a very interesting artisanal silver atelier where we started to work on my ideas.


I called the accessory "I AM" because "I AM" is the base of our experience of life,wherever we go, our I AM goes with us, It expresses Life in us. Don't we say "I AM Happy, I AM eating, I AM walking, etc..." the fact that I AM is the only thing I AM sure of, even if I can define what is exactly this "Isness".

The body of the accessory is in silver because it symbolizes the white light which corresponds to the higher state of consciousness. It have two  different sides : one is the "giving" side and represents the sun.The other is the "receiving side" of us and represents the moon.

We can choose the face we feel inspired to show according to our mood of the day. It is a way to stay conscious of our different modalities of being and express them fully

It is shaped like a stone or like an egg, image of the Zero state, to symbolize all the potential in us, unfolding from Zero.


There is also a secret face in this accessory. In the inside are carved two keywords "I Thank you!" and "I Love you".

As you will walk around with your "I AM" accessory it will represent your "inner prayer" repeating inside of you.


Here is the prototype of the "I AM accessory" on the "moon side" before final step of setting and polishing.

The final "I AM" product will be shown for the first time during my next talk show on the 26 of August. It will be sold through Internet and in some selected shops. More information will be published here.

I hope "I AM" will become a travelling companion for many,
a portable altar to keep Spirit "on focus"
a remembrance of a state of being beyond memories, a tool for perfect balance between Giving and receiving, lovingness and thankfullness.





このアクセサリーを僕は『I AM』と名付けた。I AMは人生の経験のベースになるもの。僕たちがどこへ行こうと、I AMは一緒。だって自分たちの人生を表現する言葉でしょう。ほら、私は(I AM )幸せ、私は(I AM) 食べているよ、私は(I AM)歩いている... って言うよね?事実、"存在していること”の意味をちゃんと表すことができるとするなら、この"I AM"こそが、唯一のものだと僕は確信しているんだ。




"I AM"が、魂と心を合わすためのケイタイ祭壇として、記憶の向こうにある存在であることの思い出として、与えることと受け取ること、愛することと感謝することの完璧なるバランスを保つツールとして、多くの人の人生の旅の道連れとなることを、僕は願っている。

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2009年8月21日 (金)



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2009年8月20日 (木)

Bon voyage Bisou!/ビズ、いい旅を!


Our Dear Friend Bisou left this dimension this morning 20th of August around 10 AM
She have been one of the big source of joys in this blog.
She taught us a lot and shared a lot of love
We want to thank her
and to thank you for sharing our love for her...
Let's say together :
"Bon voyage Bisou!
Thank you for all you gave us,
Wenever you want,
come and play again with us
We love you!"

今朝8月20日10時頃、僕たちの愛するビズがこの世を去った。 このブログでも、喜びの大きな源であり続けたビズ。 彼女が僕たちに教えてくれたことは、それはもうたくさんで、 愛をいっぱい分けてくれたね…。

大好きだよ We love you,ビズ。」

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2009年8月16日 (日)

Thank You!/ありがと!


Perfect Weather for our Thaï night. We thank all the participants for their loving presence. It was a magical moment !


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2009年8月10日 (月)

A "Bangkok Style Night" with Patrice & Yuri/パトリス&ユリと一緒に『バンコクスタイルの夕べ』

From 1985 to 1987, I lived in Bangkok. As you know in Thailand it is always summer...Almost like the month of August in Tokyo, very humid and hot...
This gave me the idea to change the heat of Tokyo through a simple dinner cooked from my memories of the Thai Food I love...



On Saturday 15th, it is the peak of Tokyo Summer and for many of us it is a free week-end, isn't it a perfect occasion to experience what I call FOOD ALCHEMY?


Whay is "Food Alchemy"? It is based on the fact that by changing a few details of our ordinary life we can transform any heavy situation in a pleasant one. Food is one of the easiest ways to do this...


The time schedule and registration details for this event is published HERE.
The lesson will be a blend of demonstration and collaboration around this menu:


- Thai style minced beef salad.(This was one of the favorites of CFA customers)



- Fish patties with cucumber sour relish


- Cabbage salad Northern style.


- Pumpkin and crab red curry soup



- Fried fetuccine with chicken curry (An interesting fusion version of the Thai fried noodles)


- Pandamus leaf granita



- Mango-coconut rice pudding


Served with a choice of Original cocktail, wine and thai Beer...


If you are interested reserve as soon as possible, just a few spaces are available...


Reservations here.


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Introducing the "Maldon Salt"/マルドンの塩はいかが

My readers know that I am a big fan of the Salt of "Guérande". I have been using this salt since the beginning of my Chef's years in the 80th...I first introduced "Guérande salt" in my cooking Book "France Ryori ABC" when it was not sold in Japan yet and I had all my French friends bring me  few kilos of "sel gris" in their luggage whenever they visited me in Japan.


(Click on picture for Aquamer Japan)

Guérande salt exists under 3 main aspects
- Gros Sel Gris , Called "arajio" in Japan.I use it mainly for stocks and soups that need long cooking time or to marinate fish or meet.
- Sel fin (Which is the same but ground with natural stone grinders), I use it in all other cooked preparations.
- "Fleur de Sel", called "hanajio" in Japan, is the lighter part of the salt that comes on top of the water. It is very delicate so it should not be cooked but just used as a finishing flavor with salads, grilled fish, grilled meat. Famous pâtissiers like Pierre Hermé use it in cookies, tart crust, caramels, etc. because it does not melt and explode delicately in your mouth with a delicious and crisp salty flavor...which is a kind of extasy...


I had the chance to meet another salt very few people know. It is called "Maldon salt", it is made in england through a very traditional, original process and it is unique. What is unique to Maldon Salt is his particular cristal shape, it is "flaky" so when you get it in your mouth the feeling is a very delicate and thin salty layer that do not resist under your teeth.


This feeling is extraordinary, I wish you have a chance to give it a try with summer foods : steamed or raw vegetables, grilled meats, barbecued foods, yakiniku, fish...Maldon salt, black pepper and a great olive oil make a perfect combination!

(PS : I always buy my Maldon Salt at National Azabu)






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2009年8月 4日 (火)

Little Press Fair 2009... (Part 2)/リトルプレス・フェア2009(パート2)

Little press fair started Saturday 1rst at Cowbooks Aoyama



8 copies of my limited edition of "Who is Sad?" have been displayed
2 leather "deluxe" copies (collector item)-down right on the picture-
2 "cutie cover" copies (collector item)-up left on the picture-
4 color "basic" copies -up right and low left-

8冊の" Who is Sad?/ 寂しいのは誰?"限定版が出品されています。

革装丁のデラックス・バージョン(コレクターズアイテム)が2冊 写真右下

キューティーカバー・バージョン(コレクターズアイテム)が2冊 写真左上

カラーの基本バージョンが4冊 写真右上と左下


This little story is now almost sold...so if you are interested only two collectors copies left...



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