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2009年9月12日 (土)

My new "cleaning accessory"/新作“浄化するアクセサリー”

In August, in introduced here the concept of a new accessory I designed. The name of this silver artpiece is "I AM". I created it as a personal symbol of Identity and Inspired Action.

僕がデザインした新しいコンセプトのアクセサリー、これについては8月にここで紹介したとおり。このシルバーのアートピースに“I AM(アイ・アム)"という名前をつけた。自分が何者であるかということを認識し、導かれる行動を表すシンボルとして作ったんだ。


Here is the "giving" side of "I AM"

こちらは、“I AM”の“捧げる”側。

Its shape is like a stone or an egg or the image of Gassho. It images the reunion of the right and the left hand, of the "feminine" and the "masculine", of  and giving. As such it can be used on both side depending on your feeling of the moment.


Here the receiving side.




4,4 cm x 2,5 cm. Pure Silver 20g (symbol of light). Ring on top is bronze (Yellow being the color of the sun). It's all made, assembled and polished by hand one by one.

スペック 4,4 cm x 2,5 cm. 純銀25g. トップのリングはシルバーの上につや消しブロンズカラー。ひとつひとつ手作業で作られ、磨かれています。

As mentioned in the presentation of the concept, inside the accessory, invisible to the eyes are engraved the words "I love you" and "I thank you". This symbolize the idea of keeping those two words inside our heart as we go around in our daily life. This "intention" focused in the accessory produces a "resonance field" that can be imaged this way :

コンセプトの紹介でも書いてあるように、アクセサリーの内側には、目では見えないけれど"I love you"と"I thank you"という文字が刻まれている。これは、僕たちが日常どこへ行く時でも、心の中にこの言葉を持ち続けようという考えをカタチにしたものなんだ。ちょうどイメージとしては、この絵のように、このアクセサリーに込められた意図が、体中を廻り廻っている感じ。


"I AM"の受付は終了しました。ありがとうございました。

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2009年9月 7日 (月)

I'm Loving it!/好きなんだ!


There is an idea in the air saying "Patrice does not like junk food"... It is not true and my last post about "fast tsukimi" does not mean to be critical...It is just to make people think a little bit...

Do you know what Yuri and I had today for our lunch?
Yuri had a Cheese Burger from Mac and I had the Chicken Filet (I am addicted to it...). We bought it from the MacDo of Nagahara but we had it on our terrace, in front of the garden, using a plate...And we greatly enjoyed it!

It happens sometimes, we really feel we WANT to eat a Mac that day...It is not because it is cheaper or any other practical reason...No, that day we feel MAC and we are glad it exists (Mac Flurry really tastes good in its seasonal versions...) .Sometimes I also feel in a mood "First Kitchen" for the flavored french fries...and the sauce bar where you can use freely all kinds of mayonnaise sauces...

I prefer to eat Junk food I find good to my taste than organic food that tastes bad to me because it is "too philosophic"...I have no religion about food, only taste. My mouth likes it or not, that's it!

This is the basis of my choice...






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2009年9月 5日 (土)

How to become a fast romantic!/お手軽にロマンチックな気分になる方法


Enjoy the FAST MOON...


Click here for more details on table setting.


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"Céu" means "Sky" in portuguese.../ポルトガル語で"空”を意味するセウ

Ceu is a Brazilian singer. She is charming and her music is renewing the Bosa Nova world. I recommand her new Album Called "Vagarosa" and to give you a "taste" of her talent I share this video with you. Hope you will like it as much as I do.


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