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2009年11月30日 (月)

"I AM" Accessory on eBay/eBayにて"I AM"アクセサリー


The new PJ "I AM" pendant can be ordered at bureau@patricejulien.com

Two versions are available :

Bronze and Silver "I AM";  35.000¥ + postage

18K Gold and Silver "I AM";  65.000¥ + postage

PJの"I AM"ペンダント。 bureau@patricejulien.comから直接オーダーしていただくことが可能です。
"I AM"ブロンズxシルバー 35,000円+郵送料
"I AM"18Kxシルバー 65.000円+郵送料



It takes about 2 weeks after order for delivery but for Christmas we have already prepared a few items ready for shipping...don't miss the chance...






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2009年11月29日 (日)

PJ Creator's Workshop/PJ クリエイター・ワークショップ

I want to thank all the participants for allowing today's session to happen.
But  keep in mind that today's lesson is not only something to understand. Power only comes with practice, practice and practice...

Be confident, the Universe is a free solutions tank and our Inner Child is always looking inside it on our behalf to find the answers best adapted to what we express by our words and ideas...

Now, as you know how to use the system to your advantage, use it well, it is your best partner.

And remember, eating a soup we like is always more enjoyable than eating a soup we don't...
so always ask your Inner Child for the "best", you are worth it!







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2009年11月27日 (金)

"Be Nouveau" party for the Dreamia Club Anniversary./ドリーミア・クラブ記念パーティ“Be Nouveau”

I share with you some views of our "Be nouveau Party" at Cleanup Shinjuku Showroom on November 25.

Be "Nouveau" means to be NEW.

Staying always new, without outdated ideas is one of the keys of an exciting life. Because life is by nature always New, never repetitive, living "ad lib" keeps us in the flow. When we stay like a transparent glass, the changing colors of life can play trough us freely... To express this idea, as a symbol, for this party, I chose to display all the food of the buffet in transparent cups.

As you can imagine it requires a very delicate work of preparation because you have to stay very concentrated to fill the cups without spoiling the transparency of the container...It took from 10:30 to 5:00PM to fill artistically the700 cups...

11月25日、クリナップ新宿ショールームにて行われた“Be Nouveau/ビー・ヌーヴォー・パーティ"の様子を見てください。

Be "Nouveau"は、新しくなるという意味です。




A lot of work as you can see...


But the result looks quite nice.



The menu :

Served in cups:

Mini hamburgers with chick peas and white sesame paste
Eggplants and cheese millefeuilles
Curried couscous with lemon sardines
Carrot salad with cumin sauce Morocco style
Shrimp crispy roll Thai style
Cold coconut and pumpkin soup
Silky Tofu with cucumber salad
Apple compote, yuzu taste, with honey almond cream
Belgian speculoos cookies tiramisu
Dried plum in red wine with grapefruits peel in syrup.

ミニハンバーガー w ひよこ豆と白ごまペースト/ 茄子とチーズのミルフィーユ、レモンサーディンを添えたカレークスクス/モロッコ風クミンソースの人参サラダ/タイ風エビのパリパリロール/ココナッツとカボチャの冷製スープ/キュウリサラダと絹ごし豆腐/リンゴのコンポート柚子風味 蜂蜜アーモンドクリームがけ/ベルギー産スペクルースクッキーのティラミス/ドライプラムの赤ワイン漬け w グレープグルーツの皮のシロップ漬け



Curried couscous



Carrots Morocco style



The bar corner



And the Tajine corner with an original "Sweet potatoes and Chicken tajine" perfect for the season.



The preparation is finished Yuri is getting ready for our talk show.

Thanks to all the Cleanup and Dreamia Club Team for their very precious help and thanks to all the Guests for the loving time spent together...

With Love of Patrice and Yuri to everyone


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2009年11月23日 (月)

Hara Takahiro's Pictures Exhibition/原隆宏 写真展

Yesterday Yuri and I visited the new exhibition of our friend the cameraman Hara Takahiro held in a very nice Asian Furniture shop in Aobadai. The very high ceiling of the place and the atmosphere of the furnitures displayed in the shop match perfectly with the panel size pictures printed in a near to sepia color.


This exhibition called "Universe" is a new step in the dimensions Hara san likes to explore. His first concept was about "Couples". During years, he travelled around Japan to take couples pictures. He was exploring through the objective of his camera the mystery of Human Love  trying to answer visually to the question : what makes a particular man and a particular woman decide to become the doorway of the flow of life?

About the concept of this new series called "Universe", it is you and me, everyone of us, any grain of sand, a flower, a speck of dust, an empty pet bottle, everything is an unique "Universe". We tend to imagine ourselves in the limits of our ideas about ourselves and the world  but  when we let go all the frontiers between "inside" and "outside" what happens?

Impossible to answer with words it is why Hara-san does it visually.

The exhibition is not limited to pictures of humans, beautiful framed pictures of the Universe of "Objects" are also on sale making a very soulful decoration for all kind of interiors.

Informations about the exhibition CLICK HERE







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2009年11月22日 (日)

November 22 11月22日

Look at the calendar,
today is November 22... 1-1-2-2...
and this is not the Maya code but the Ii fufu no hi...The couple celebration day in Japan.

This year, It's a Sunday and tomorrow is holliday too, what's a chance!
The "couple's day"! It is a good occasion to celebrate, to refresh our spiritual, emotional and physical bonds. An occasion to say or think "I love you!" without reason, to say "Thank you" for the sharing of  this experience of life on Earth, and also to say or think, I'm sorry, forgive my moments of inattention, excuse me for the misunderstandings, for the words I sometimes


said without knowing that they were hurting you.

From a man to a woman, from  woman to a man, today is the occasion to remember why we decide to live together, why on this big planet where live millions of people we were united with precisely THIS PERSON...

1-1-2-2... To all couples best wishes!
Have a great couples day, and not only today but every day,
in consciousness

カレンダーを見て。今日は11月22日1-1-2-2 マヤの記号じゃなく、いいふうふ の日。日本ではカップルのお祝いの日です。




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2009年11月21日 (土)

More about the "Inner child"/“インナーチャイルド”についてもう少しだけ

If we observe how our everyday life works we see that the conscious part of our mind has very limited capacities. It does not mean that it does not play an important role. To use a simple image, let say that it works like the driver of a car.

It selects destinations, looks at the road and do it's best to drive the vehicle trough space without problems. As driver it does not have to think about how gasoline is pumped by the carburator, how air is mixed with the combustible, how the engine makes it explode and how the movement transmitted to the tires makes the car move. Everything about this is left to the "wisdom" of the car and to the engineers who built it...

Some cars are also equipped with a "navi". This device also takes care of a big part of the responsibility of the drivers. We just have to input the destination where we want to go and the navi does the work. Even if it is a complicated trip, even if we go to the place for the first time, the navi system researches and finds the best answers for us.

All this work happening without our conscious participation is called "Sub-conscious" work. This means that it is happening "beyond" the level of our consciousness. It does not mean that we are not aware of it but just that we do not need to focus on it because it is useless to be concerned by what is not our business.

This do not only happen with cars, it happens with ALL the functions of our body and with ALL our actions. When I think : "Let drink a glass of water" I go, take a glass, pour water,drink and water reaches deep in my cells. But in fact what does allow this apparently simple process? Inside me, millions of informations an processes have been exchanged through my sub-conscious self to allow this to happen harmoniously.

What do my conscious self have to do? Just decide to drink and let the "inner system" do the job. If I try to control I create troubles...

This marvelous partner within us, our subconscious mind is also what we call "Inner child". It is built within us since the beginning of time as a part of the NAVI of Life. As babies, before we got "educated" this part was already operating in us perfectly. It was keeping us alive even when our conscious self was not able to talk or walk.

With our "education" we little by little lost contact with this important part of ourselves. The result is that we finally came to imagine that our conscious self was the "controller" of everything and that it knew all...

Then we got in trouble.

Why?Because the business of the Conscious Mind is totally different from the one of our"Subconscious Mind". Because they are complementary, we need the wisdom of our Inner Child as much as our Inner Child needs the cooperation of it's Conscious friend...Without team work things get impossible to handle.

A lot of people imagine that the "Inner Child" is a wounded and frustrated part of ourselves, a kind of nostalgic and fragile piece we lost somewhere in the past. It is true that almost all adults do not think of the important part the "Child" takes in their life, but what is important is not only to consider our inner child a "poor child" but also to realize that it  is is the key of the unknown, the "magical part" of  our personality  because it is always directly connected with the mystery of Life. Our Inner Child is the doorway to all wisdom and inspiration.

The most important thing for us is then to realize this and learn how we can make our "Conscious Self" and our "Sub-conscious Self" work together lovingly. This good communication will allow our global Being find harmony, health, success and love.

This inner "communication" will be the subject of the PJ Creator's workshop on next Sunday 29 (Informations and reservations).

Some subjects addressed during the session : How to make a better use of our "Inner Child"? How to ask our child to find suggestions and inspirations about our life, about our work, about our happiness?... How we can cooperate with him for health, loosing weight, changing even our physical aspect, etc.















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2009年11月19日 (木)

Beaujolais Nouveau 2009/ボジョレーヌーボー2009

Today was a rainy day and in some ways not a very easy day...
Did you notice that some days seem to resist us...What we have planned do not go really the way we want and we tend to be frustrated...
That's the perfect day to make our magic work!
"How can I make a "good" day from an apparently frustrating one?"

Today, the answer was "Beaujolais"...
Back from a work meeting with Yuri around 6PM we reached Ookayama by Namboku Line, just one station from our house. We called a friend : "What do you do tonight for the Beaujolais?". He answered that he had to stay at his office for work...So, tonight, just the two of us...Ad lib...

Went out at Ookayama, visit at the bakery Himmel for a good old style baguette, at a nearby supermarket selected tsubugai, king salmon, chicken liver,...enough for a good bistro romantic dinner. I looked at the "Nouveau"sold near the cashier place...mmmm? I did not feel very inspired..., near ou house, the Natural Lawson may have a better one than this almighty brand that everyone knows...

And yes, the inspiration was good! This Year, Natural Lawson did a perfect choice...The price was quite high but the label was cute, the wine from organic grapes and non filtered...


Back home, a very simple menu made in minutes :
Just warming the tsubugaï in salted hot water, served with aïoli (Mayonnaise with garlic) as appetizer,
King salmon cut in cubes and wrapped in bacon slices with a negi sauté topping (delicious)
then, main dish : chicken liver persillade with homemade mashed potatoes...

And Wow! This Nouveau was all you expect from a "Nouveau": A very sexy "joshikosei" able to hold a fascinating conversation at an adult level...Fresh but with the perfect amount of depth...Maybe one of the best Beaujolais Nouveau I had.

Congratulations to Isabelle et Bruno Perraud who created this wine and to the buyer of Natural Lawson who had the idea to select it... Thank you for making our day!








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2009年11月17日 (火)

Ichi go ichi e / 一期一会

November 2007



November 2009



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2009年11月15日 (日)


His, Her name was "Divine".
This song was her hit during the 80ies...Looking at the lyrics shows the real depth of the energy this singer was channeling on the planet.

The departure of Michael Jackson reminds us that "stars" burn for us to remember that light is our essence and that we are all born to enlighten the world because enlightment is what we are...

Buddha did it is way, Jesus also,...Marylin Monroe, Jame Dean, Jimmy Hendricks, Divine, Michael,...many to come, and everyone of us too...we all have our stage to let our passion lighten the world...

"You think you are a man
but you are only a boy"

Through the voice of an outrageous Drag Queen the message of the Feminine to the Masculine, of Eve to Adam :

"You weren't man enough to satisfy me.
Shut the door
take a look around and tell me
what you find.
Shut the door
take a giant step for you and all mankind."

Here as the complete lyrics. Wish all men will take a look around...

You Think You're A Man lyrics

Turn around
stand up like a man and look me in the eye.
Turn around
take one final look at what you've left behind.
Then walk away from the greatest lover you have ever known.
walk away
you're telling me
that you can make it on your own

By yourself all alone without my help
you just made a big mistake.
You think you're a man
but you're only a boy

You think you're a man
you are only a toy.
you think you're a man
but you just couldn't see

You weren't man enough to satisfy me.
Shut the door
take a look around and tell me
waht you find.
Shut the door
take a giant step for you and all mankind.
Then don't come back
I always gave you so much more than you deserve(
Now don't come back
'cause no one makes a fool of me

You've got a nerve to walk away
mark the words I'm gonna say

you just made a big mistake:
You think you're a man
but you're only a boy
. . .
You think you're a man
but you're only a boy
. . .
You think you're a man
but you're only a boy
. . .

You think you're a man
but you're only a boy




“You think you are a man but you are only a boy(自分は男のつもりでも、アンタはただの洟垂れ小僧)"

"アンタは男なんかじゃない あたしをろくすっぽ満足させられやしなかった 
ドアをしめて 回りを見て 
私に言ってよ なにを見つけたか 
ドアをしめて デッカい一歩を踏んでみな 
自分のため 人類のために”

You Think You're A Man の歌詞



そうよ 立ち去れ









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2009年11月10日 (火)

Mini Burgers Tapas/ミニバーガー・タパス

Slices of baguette
Some roughly chopped oignon fried as topping
Salad leaf
Tomato slices confit
Ground beef with garlic and oignon chopped...
It is all you need for those delicious and cute "Tapas"...

Perfect with a full body red wine...




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2009年11月 8日 (日)

Faces of November in Senzoku/11月の顔 洗足池にて

Looking at a simple day
small messages,
seasons, colors, shapes,
beyond words
the harmony of Life.






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2009年11月 2日 (月)

PJ Cooking Atelier :"Tapas Ideas for a Nouveau Party"/PJクッキング・アトリエ:ヌーボーパーティのための、タパスのアイディア


Let's celebrate the "Nouveau 2009" with creativity...

Why not make it "trendy tapas"...
Tapas is a "style" inspired from the spanish bars but those "finger foods" have left their original country to travel around the world almost in all "Hip" parties and bars. During my last trip in Paris in September I visited the Bar of the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme and experienced their "Haute couture style Tapas"... It was delicious and impressive...

What is the reason of this success? It fits perfectly well our actual lifestyles. Fun, easy to eat, beautiful like small jewels, light...

Beaujolais Nouveau being a "fun" wine and part of one of the big trends of our societies I think that it goes perfectly well with the "tapas spirit"...

The important points of a "Tapas" party is imagination and "design. To teach some of the keys of a Beaujolais Tapas Party, I will give a special cooking atelier on Saturday 14 of November on the theme "Tapas Ideas for a Nouveau Party".

During this atelier, I will work with the participants to the creation of an "all tapas buffet". After setting the buffet we will enjoy the Party with some wines from the Beaujolais region (Those will not be "Nouveau" because the official day is only on the 19th...).

Details :

Saturday 14 of November 2009

From 15h00 to around 18h00 - Lesson/preparation

From around 18h00 to 20:30 - Party

Reservation : bureau@patricejulien.com

Participation ¥12.500






15:00~18:00 :クッキングクラスと準備
18:00~20:30 :パーティー

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2009年11月 1日 (日)

A taste of autumn.../秋の味…

During the day the temperature is still very fair but in the evening yes, it's autumn...Every season brings it's pleasures. Today, as a dinner, Yuri and I had one of my "one dish salads". The customers of the former CFA in Shirokanedai remember those "Ichi-go-ichi-e" (One life-one time) salads I created with the ingredients of the day...For me it is like a poem written with flavors, colors, textures and shapes...


This is for one person. Use any kind of salad (sunny lettuce is nice and crisp and sarada na have a soft round shape), chicken liver (2 livers by person), cubes of bacon,red cheddar, wallnuts, shimeji and apple.

Sauté the bacon until colored, add a bit of oil and cook the shimeji, on the side of the pan cook the liver. When done but stil soft, discard in a dish, sauté the wallnuts and the apple. Add salt and peper to taste.

Prepare dressing with
1/2 Tbspoon red wine vinegar (or any vinegar)
1/2  Tbsp Shoyu
2 Tbsp salad oil

Display all beautifully on a plate add dressing on top. You can buy hanjuku tamago in a convenience store and top the salad with it...

A bit of black peper and Go for it ... BON APPÉTIT!

With a full body red wine... (We had a Sicily wne with it and it fitted perfectly...)








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