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2009年11月21日 (土)

More about the "Inner child"/“インナーチャイルド”についてもう少しだけ

If we observe how our everyday life works we see that the conscious part of our mind has very limited capacities. It does not mean that it does not play an important role. To use a simple image, let say that it works like the driver of a car.

It selects destinations, looks at the road and do it's best to drive the vehicle trough space without problems. As driver it does not have to think about how gasoline is pumped by the carburator, how air is mixed with the combustible, how the engine makes it explode and how the movement transmitted to the tires makes the car move. Everything about this is left to the "wisdom" of the car and to the engineers who built it...

Some cars are also equipped with a "navi". This device also takes care of a big part of the responsibility of the drivers. We just have to input the destination where we want to go and the navi does the work. Even if it is a complicated trip, even if we go to the place for the first time, the navi system researches and finds the best answers for us.

All this work happening without our conscious participation is called "Sub-conscious" work. This means that it is happening "beyond" the level of our consciousness. It does not mean that we are not aware of it but just that we do not need to focus on it because it is useless to be concerned by what is not our business.

This do not only happen with cars, it happens with ALL the functions of our body and with ALL our actions. When I think : "Let drink a glass of water" I go, take a glass, pour water,drink and water reaches deep in my cells. But in fact what does allow this apparently simple process? Inside me, millions of informations an processes have been exchanged through my sub-conscious self to allow this to happen harmoniously.

What do my conscious self have to do? Just decide to drink and let the "inner system" do the job. If I try to control I create troubles...

This marvelous partner within us, our subconscious mind is also what we call "Inner child". It is built within us since the beginning of time as a part of the NAVI of Life. As babies, before we got "educated" this part was already operating in us perfectly. It was keeping us alive even when our conscious self was not able to talk or walk.

With our "education" we little by little lost contact with this important part of ourselves. The result is that we finally came to imagine that our conscious self was the "controller" of everything and that it knew all...

Then we got in trouble.

Why?Because the business of the Conscious Mind is totally different from the one of our"Subconscious Mind". Because they are complementary, we need the wisdom of our Inner Child as much as our Inner Child needs the cooperation of it's Conscious friend...Without team work things get impossible to handle.

A lot of people imagine that the "Inner Child" is a wounded and frustrated part of ourselves, a kind of nostalgic and fragile piece we lost somewhere in the past. It is true that almost all adults do not think of the important part the "Child" takes in their life, but what is important is not only to consider our inner child a "poor child" but also to realize that it  is is the key of the unknown, the "magical part" of  our personality  because it is always directly connected with the mystery of Life. Our Inner Child is the doorway to all wisdom and inspiration.

The most important thing for us is then to realize this and learn how we can make our "Conscious Self" and our "Sub-conscious Self" work together lovingly. This good communication will allow our global Being find harmony, health, success and love.

This inner "communication" will be the subject of the PJ Creator's workshop on next Sunday 29 (Informations and reservations).

Some subjects addressed during the session : How to make a better use of our "Inner Child"? How to ask our child to find suggestions and inspirations about our life, about our work, about our happiness?... How we can cooperate with him for health, loosing weight, changing even our physical aspect, etc.