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2010年1月23日 (土)

One year creation...一年かかって生まれてきたもの

We have a very young lemon tree in our garden. It took almost one year to make this sole one beautiful lemon. For me, this fruit do not only contains juice, it also teaches a lesson of life...If I imagine myself being this lemon tree, and feel in detail how creation happens through...



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2010年1月18日 (月)

Timings & Little miracles...この時、小さな奇跡

Last Thursday, around 5 PM, walking back home from Nagahara I don't know why, I suddenly decided not to turn right as I do ordinary. I went straight ahead in direction of the lake.After a few steps in this direction, in front of me, this landscape appeared :



I have been living near by since 2003 and It was my first experience from this point of view. I did not even know  that it was possible to see Fujisan from Senzoku Ike. This sudden apparition  with suck a beautiful shape was really impressive!



And what about this other picture?


It is the reflection of the light of a "sun-catcher" on the wooden deck of our terrace...


I am thankful of the "chance" to be present at such moments.

They are "little miracles", free gifts from Life.


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2010年1月13日 (水)

"Course in Creation" / 創造のコース


Want it or not, you are all creators. Any effect appearing in your life without exception is the result of a cause. It is the whole story. We create causes and those causes create effects, etc…

How do we learn Creation? See, a child puts his hand on a hot stove…Oooouch! It hurts!… That's it. As we see in this example, we try to avoid effects that hurt and create more and more joyful situations.

Some creators tend do create easily a life they like, others do not feel satisfied by what is around them... Why?  When you understand how the "law of Creation" works it is easy to catch the difference. But even if you understand, it is like a cooking recipe, reading is not enough. It is only by practice that you become more and more skilled.

Would you like to understand more practically the "Law of Creation"? Would you like to use this year 2010 to train yourself in "cooking your favorite dreams" or improve your "cooking skills". Why not participate to this new "Course in Creation" I announced in December.

The first 6 steps of the Course, from January to June, will be about the "basis of creation" and the use of your mind and your ideas to create your "universe".

1) January : The key behind Creation.
2) February : The obstacles to creation and how to remove them.
3) March : How to use "creative seeds"?
4) April : Working with the "Law of attraction"
5) May : How our subconscious works "for" us or "against" us?
6) June : The meaning of "I AM" and the power of "letting go".

Those first 6 months will allow the students to learn and practice the Law of creation and understand how they can create a big difference in their life.

The Next 6 months will be a "tuning" stage. During this period, from July to December, students will be given occasions to work more and more in details on their "creations" until they get evident practical results. The detailed program of this step 2 will be established according to the needs of the students and for this reason it will only be published mid-May.

For best results I highly recommend that students follow the 6 steps but it is still possible to take each session independently.

First class :  Sunday 31 of January 2010

"The Key behind Creation"

Second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).

From 13:30 to 16:30

Participation fee : ¥5000

Reservations & informations : bureau@patricejulien.com






6月:"I AM"の意味と、”ありのまま”が持つ力について





13:30 ~ 16:30


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2010年1月 1日 (金)

All you need...

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