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2010年2月18日 (木)

"Course in creation", second session : the message of a Red Tsubaki/創造のコース 第2回:赤い椿からのメッセージ

Yesterday, I was thinking in writing the details of the program of the next session of the "Course in Creation" I started in January. In me I felt something saying : "Wait for the message!" so I waited all day but nothing came...

Today, I woke up and discovered through our 2nd floor windows that all was covered with snow around... Have you ever noticed how when all is covered with snow everything looks like a black and white picture?

I then went down to the first floor to open the windows facing the garden. All black and white...and...only a red tiny point flashing from the top of a camelia tree... It would be too long to tell the story of this little tree (I will tell it some day if you like to hear it) but let say it is a very special tree for me...


(Double click on picture for big size)

I thought "Here is the message!" : In a frozen monochrome landscape, the lonely bursting red flower of a Camelia.

If we remember that the camelia was a beloved flower for samurais, tea masters and Japanese poets of the past you can imagine the impact this natural event had in my mind

Now, lets look closer at the image I saw : a white, cold, frozen world reminding me some moments in our life when nothing seems to move ahead. Whatever our efforts, everything seems to resist and we feel like we better give up... But as written yesterday in my story about "spring coming", even in the coldest cold the fire is there,... Even under the snow the heat of life is warming from the inside of the seeds, inside the buds creation operates ceaselessly...When the timing has come, irresistibly, creation manifests...

The message of the Camelia moved me to tears. Strangely, while I was taking pictures, the snow started to melt around the red bud , like the Flower saying "I feel that you see me, I also see you...".

This is exactly the teaching of the next Creation Class : "The obstacles to creation and how to remove them."

Let compare the obstacles to the snow and the creation to the red flower...

This very simple but deep experience made me look at the program of my Course in Creation through a new angle. The synchronicity is amazing because I did not notice it when this idea of new course came to me. If I translate the program into nature's rythm it becomes :

1) January : The key behind Creation. (Full winter. Nature goes back to the roots, to the center)
2) February : The obstacles to creation and how to remove them.(Snow season, cold and the burning of the silent fire inside the seeds)
3) March : How to use "creative seeds"?(The germination and first emerging of the Creation)
4) April : Working with the "Law of attraction"(Attracting what is needed for growth, sun, water, minerals, etc)
5) May : How our subconscious works "for" us or "against" us? (Taking care of weeds and insects and letting grow)
6) June : The meaning of "I AM" and the power of "letting go".(Contemplating our beautiful creation and detaching from it).

It's funny isn't it?

Let's talk about it more in details during the next session of the Creation course...

See you then. All the Good to You!

Course in Creation ; Lesson 2 : Sunday 28 of February 2010

"The obstacles to Creation and how to remove them."

Second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).

From 13:30 to 16:30

Participation fee : ¥5000

Reservations & informations : bureau@patricejulien.com












1月:創造の裏側にある鍵:真冬 自然は根に戻り、中心へと戻る
2月:創造の障害物とその取り除き方:雪 寒さの中で、種の内側から炎が静かに燃える

: 成長に必要なもの、太陽、水、ミネラルなどを惹き付ける
6月:"I AM"の意味と、”ありのまま”が持つ力について:僕たちの美しい完成品をじっくり楽しみ、それを手放す


創造のコース 第2回;2010年2月28日日曜日



参加費 : 5000円

ご予約とお問い合わせ : bureau@patricejulien.com




i love this story.
all things have inside and outside.
but all things are only one thing.
first i think bad , after i can say good. it`s only one thing.
when i can look so, like a 5G.

投稿: junko | 2010年2月19日 (金) 16時27分

I love your articles! I live in San Diego but I visit my family back in Japan often... Hope I can make it to your seminars one day.

投稿: emzzy | 2010年3月17日 (水) 23時34分

You are very welcome!

投稿: Patrice | 2010年3月18日 (木) 00時09分