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2010年2月21日 (日)

Each one reflects the whole.../ひとつひとつが全体をもたらす

Yesterday evening I bought a kind of cauliflower originary from Italia called by the sweet name "Veronica Romanesco" or lime green Cauliflower.

Apart the fact that this variety is getting very popular around the world for it's shape, color and taste  it shows a very interesting geometrical pattern called "fractal" which illustrate quite well the idea in the background of my last post about individual responsibility and the blessing of the "whole".

When you look at this cauliflower you see that it shows a perfect spiral shape expanding from the inside-out. Let see this as one "Universe"expanding from an idea or a "seed" called by humans : "Veronica Romanesco".


Now look closer and you will notice that this expansion is made of a lot of similar universes expanding according to the same pattern.


If we could look deeper and deeper we can suppose that we would find an infinity of smaller universes in universes, something like the Matryoshka dolls. It shows how each one of our thoughts of acceptation or rejection can affect the whole Universe in deepth... It shows also how all sickness are generated...









Peaple speak how about the truth of this vagitabul in Christianity ?
l`m really interesting in that.

投稿: NORICHAN | 2010年2月23日 (火) 07時21分