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2010年2月27日 (土)

A grain of sand... / ひと粒の砂


picture from A grain of sand picture gallery by Dr. Gary Greenberg, Author of A Grain of Sand


" To see a world in a grain of sand
    And heaven in a wild flower
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    And eternity in an hour."

William blake






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2010年2月24日 (水)

Spring Bread. Letting happen. 春のパンよ、さあどうぞ


Eyes watching, hands moving, mixing, feeling textures,...
Attention to the smell,
Becoming Bread,
The whole World becoming one bread
Letting rest,
letting happen.

目は見ている、手は動き、混ぜ、テクスチャーを感じている。 匂いに気をつけて パンになる 全世界が一つのパンになる 休ませて さあどうぞ


Who is acting in the bread?
what is acting?
I don't know,
but now is time to bake...
Who says so?
I don't know...

パンの中で働いているのは誰? なにが起きている? わからない だけど、さ、焼く時間 誰がそう言ってる? わからない…


Hands move,
fire burns in the oven.
Letting happen,
letting happen
Now! Just the right color.
Who knows about it?
I don't know.

Who knows?



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Welcome Spring!/ようこそ春ちゃん!


Today the air feel lighter, birds getting busy, plants getting busy,
not really busy,
not like us getting busy,
they just open to the energy of life,
not doing,
just opening.

今日の空気は軽く、鳥達のさえずりも賑やか、植物もぐんぐんと忙しい。 いや、本当に忙しいわけじゃなく 僕たちが忙しくなるような感じじゃなく ただライフのエネルギーに向かって開いている。 なにもせず ただ開いている。


Something in the very Center of Life
gave the start and Joy flows
In our blood too,
in our mind,
in our heart,
if we just take time to open and listen...
Thank you Life!
Welcome Spring!

ライフのど真ん中にあるなにかが 始まりのキューを出し、喜びが流れ出す あちこちに ちょっと立ち止まって心を開き、耳を傾けるなら、 僕たちの血の中にも 僕たちの心の中にも、 ね。 ありがとうライフ。 ようこそ春ちゃん!


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2010年2月21日 (日)

A trip through the Infinite / 無限の旅

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Each one reflects the whole.../ひとつひとつが全体をもたらす

Yesterday evening I bought a kind of cauliflower originary from Italia called by the sweet name "Veronica Romanesco" or lime green Cauliflower.

Apart the fact that this variety is getting very popular around the world for it's shape, color and taste  it shows a very interesting geometrical pattern called "fractal" which illustrate quite well the idea in the background of my last post about individual responsibility and the blessing of the "whole".

When you look at this cauliflower you see that it shows a perfect spiral shape expanding from the inside-out. Let see this as one "Universe"expanding from an idea or a "seed" called by humans : "Veronica Romanesco".


Now look closer and you will notice that this expansion is made of a lot of similar universes expanding according to the same pattern.


If we could look deeper and deeper we can suppose that we would find an infinity of smaller universes in universes, something like the Matryoshka dolls. It shows how each one of our thoughts of acceptation or rejection can affect the whole Universe in deepth... It shows also how all sickness are generated...







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2010年2月20日 (土)

"Organic" or not "Organic"/オーガニックかオーガニックじゃないか


Organic or not organic? That is the question...

Recently the "organic trend" is getting very popular... many people are translating "because it is said -organic- it is "safe" and "good" for my body". Some go further and think : "It tastes so good because it is organic..." Restaurants serving boiled or steamed vegetables with little salt or a few drops of organic olive oil are proliferating...Some are cooking without oil, without flour, without butter,..."Without" looks like the new motto... the new Paradise...

If "organic" means more respectful, more conscious, more responsible, more aware of our choices, more loving...  I think it goes with our actual evolution and our growth. If it means a new religion with it's "DO" and "DO NOT" that's just one more dogma and a new way to limit human freedom.

Human beings have been evolving during millions of years, they have created new ways of enjoyment, always expanding their possibilities of creation. This also applies to food and gastronomy. For me a bakery with thousands of kinds of breads is more fun than a bakery cooking one kind of organic bread on stones warmed in the sun without leaven or yeast...

In my opinion, so called "organic restaurants" are just something comparable to "maid kissas" or "cat cafés", just a variety of enjoyment, one of the actual trends, a way for some people to feel secure and happy within their "beliefs system".

Once we understand this it will allow us to realize that all our life is ruled only by our beliefs. Even our food and our reactions to food. When I remember my childhood I know that I had periods when I couldn't eat some vegetables like spinaches because of their aspect or some ideas I had about them... It was like an "allergy" but now I realize those aversions were just born from "ideas".

If we look around us we see that the variety of allergies is increasing. Why? What is the reason of this increase? It looks like humans are getting weaker and weaker. We can notice that the answer to allergies is almost always to identify the cause "outside", almost never "Inside". Doctors think it comes from pollution, from pollens, from chemicals, from cats, from insects,... People stop eating flour, gluten, wear masks, eat and drink medicines,... Almost always, answers come from outside... This is the only weakness we have to fear : the so called "Outside word" is becoming the new "God", the new "devil"... Men seem powerless, even Doctors often cannot answer about the real causes. When you look for the answers and causes "OUTSIDE" it is like locking your car with the keys inside...

Feeling more "spiritual" does not mean being "good" by not "killing" animals. It has no relation with special diets or giving your seat to old people in the train, it just means "understanding" how "Spirit works".

We cannot become more "spiritual" because we ARE "Spirit" itself.
Spirit is like a knife, we can use it to cook or to kill ourselves or others. It is the reason why we need to learn how to use the knife of our thoughts in a responsible way. That is true freedom! Shakespeare wrote : "There is no good or bad but thinking make it so".

As a Father what I want to transmit to my child is Freedom and Responsibility. I want to show to the kid that all the power is in his mind and in his choices, nothing is really outside : all creation happens from inside out.

To realize the "Truth" we need to let go of all beliefs and see the world and ourselves like a white sheet of paper where each of our steps reflects a choice coming from inside and creates a new design... Walking in respect and responsibility is the only thing ...Each one of our steps generates the manifested Universe.

In the film Avatar, the people of Pandora pray when they kill an animal, they excuse themselves and give thank from a deep state of of compassion, it is because they also accept fully the fact that their bodies and souls will also be given back to nature according to a natural cycle...

All "primitive" cultures had this attitude of respect and gratitude. That is the part we need to reconnect with. Not by limiting our diet to cereals and vegetables for the reason that cereals and vegetables do not cry loudly when you cut them or boil them...

Our next challenge is here : in the understanding of how as belonging to the global Spirit we are responsible of the part we play on the stage of life. The world we create around us is the answer. We are Alchemists, able to transform anything in Gold or in Poison. It is the way we can make everything on this planet "Organic" just by blessing it...















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2010年2月18日 (木)

"Course in creation", second session : the message of a Red Tsubaki/創造のコース 第2回:赤い椿からのメッセージ

Yesterday, I was thinking in writing the details of the program of the next session of the "Course in Creation" I started in January. In me I felt something saying : "Wait for the message!" so I waited all day but nothing came...

Today, I woke up and discovered through our 2nd floor windows that all was covered with snow around... Have you ever noticed how when all is covered with snow everything looks like a black and white picture?

I then went down to the first floor to open the windows facing the garden. All black and white...and...only a red tiny point flashing from the top of a camelia tree... It would be too long to tell the story of this little tree (I will tell it some day if you like to hear it) but let say it is a very special tree for me...


(Double click on picture for big size)

I thought "Here is the message!" : In a frozen monochrome landscape, the lonely bursting red flower of a Camelia.

If we remember that the camelia was a beloved flower for samurais, tea masters and Japanese poets of the past you can imagine the impact this natural event had in my mind

Now, lets look closer at the image I saw : a white, cold, frozen world reminding me some moments in our life when nothing seems to move ahead. Whatever our efforts, everything seems to resist and we feel like we better give up... But as written yesterday in my story about "spring coming", even in the coldest cold the fire is there,... Even under the snow the heat of life is warming from the inside of the seeds, inside the buds creation operates ceaselessly...When the timing has come, irresistibly, creation manifests...

The message of the Camelia moved me to tears. Strangely, while I was taking pictures, the snow started to melt around the red bud , like the Flower saying "I feel that you see me, I also see you...".

This is exactly the teaching of the next Creation Class : "The obstacles to creation and how to remove them."

Let compare the obstacles to the snow and the creation to the red flower...

This very simple but deep experience made me look at the program of my Course in Creation through a new angle. The synchronicity is amazing because I did not notice it when this idea of new course came to me. If I translate the program into nature's rythm it becomes :

1) January : The key behind Creation. (Full winter. Nature goes back to the roots, to the center)
2) February : The obstacles to creation and how to remove them.(Snow season, cold and the burning of the silent fire inside the seeds)
3) March : How to use "creative seeds"?(The germination and first emerging of the Creation)
4) April : Working with the "Law of attraction"(Attracting what is needed for growth, sun, water, minerals, etc)
5) May : How our subconscious works "for" us or "against" us? (Taking care of weeds and insects and letting grow)
6) June : The meaning of "I AM" and the power of "letting go".(Contemplating our beautiful creation and detaching from it).

It's funny isn't it?

Let's talk about it more in details during the next session of the Creation course...

See you then. All the Good to You!

Course in Creation ; Lesson 2 : Sunday 28 of February 2010

"The obstacles to Creation and how to remove them."

Second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).

From 13:30 to 16:30

Participation fee : ¥5000

Reservations & informations : bureau@patricejulien.com












1月:創造の裏側にある鍵:真冬 自然は根に戻り、中心へと戻る
2月:創造の障害物とその取り除き方:雪 寒さの中で、種の内側から炎が静かに燃える

: 成長に必要なもの、太陽、水、ミネラルなどを惹き付ける
6月:"I AM"の意味と、”ありのまま”が持つ力について:僕たちの美しい完成品をじっくり楽しみ、それを手放す


創造のコース 第2回;2010年2月28日日曜日



参加費 : 5000円

ご予約とお問い合わせ : bureau@patricejulien.com


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2010年2月17日 (水)

Flavors of spring.../春風味


Already a scent of spring in the air. Some days like today lfeel grey, cold and rainy but the fire of nature is working silently everywhere. I asked myself : Fire! How can I feel it now? I suddenly remembered one of my favorite sandwiches at Le Jardin de Julien in Yokohama : The shio tara sandwich (Salt cod mariné sandwich).

It's simple but brings the sun of Provence on yout table...
To make it, you need some bread, focaccia type. Spread a bit of olive oil and mayonnaise on both sides, prepare a base of sliced onions sauteed in olive oil with some herbes de Provence.  Lay generously on the bottom part of the sandwich, then grill your slice of fish with some herbs of Provence without any oil (a toaster is OK, a gril on the gas better, a very hot fry pan too). Finally flake the grilled fish on top of the onions, add a pinch of chili or/and some lemon juice, and Enjoy...



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2010年2月13日 (土)

Avatar and us... アバターと僕たち…

For me, some very successful movies are more than entertainment. I think that some creations like AVATAR bring us, through a format easy to feel, the reflect of the consciousness of the global Mind of our planet at a certain "key" moments. Some films not only make us think, they change our emotional states and make our value systems shift radically.


I Watched Avatar yesterday and was impressed by the making of the movie and the technology behind the 3 D images. I remembered watching the real time landing of humans on the moon in July 69. It was summer holiday and the whole world was watching real time the dream of humanity becoming truth on the small screen of their TV sets :

It was only 41 years in the past... Who then would have imagined that our technology would be some day able to create such a virtual world...? What is quite amazing to notice is that precisely in 1869... just 100years before that event, the French novelist Jules Verne wrote a story called "Around the moon" :


What about thinking of Avatar as a movie about Earth? Thinking that the message about looking differently in 3 D at our own planet and noticing that we are in 2010... 1869, 1969, 2009,...2010, our true landing on Earth, in Love and responsibility...Finally loving ourselves as part of the "network" of LIFE.

If we look closely at the lyrics of the "Theme song" of the movie and see more than a love story between a man and a woman we can feel that "I see You" may mean, I feel WHAT is behind LIFE...

Read the lyrics again and "see" if you can "see" THAT SOMETHING...

I see you I see you Walking through a dream

I see you My light in darkness breathing hope of new life

Now I live through you and you through me

Enchanting I pray in my heart that this dream never ends

I see me through your eyes

Living through life flying high

Your life shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life as a sacrifice

I live through your love

You teach me how to see

All that’s beautiful

My senses touch your word I never pictured

Now I give my hope to you

I surrender

I pray in my heart that this world never ends

I see me through your eyes

Living through life

flying high

Your love shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life I offer my love, for you

When my heart was never open

and my spirit never free

To the world that you have shown me

But my eyes could not division

All the colors of love and of life ever more


I see me through your eyes

I see me through your eyes

Living through life flying high

Flying high

Your love shines the way into paradise

So I offer my life as a sacrifice

And live through your love

And live through your life

I see you I see you...

Isn't it a beautiful Prayer to the great SOURCE we come from?





映画のテーマソングの歌詞をよく見て、男と女のラブストーリー以上のものだと見てみると、"I see YOU"は、ライフの源を感じる、という意味かもしれないと思う。






































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2010年2月 8日 (月)

Life Blooming/ライフ 咲く



"It" is Life,

"It" happens,

it is "it"...

Somebody crying,
"It" is Life,
"It" happens,
it is "it"…

always Life.
"It" happens,
it is "it"...

Say "Yes" or "No"
"it" is "it"…
"It" is "me"…

それが ライフ
それが 起こる
それは それ

それが ライフ
ライフは いつも ライフ
それが 起こる
それは それ

イエスと言うか ノーと言うか
それは それ
それは つまり 私

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2010年2月 7日 (日)

Simple and good... シンプルで素晴らしい

Mozarella, tomato, fresh basil, olive oil and salt... very simple isn't it. But for me, the person who had the first time the idea of this combination was a genius. It is tasty, graphic, easy to make, light,... a lot of nice points.

I have the same respect for the creator of the mentaiko spaghetti, the Opinel pocket knife, the Perrier Bottle and the Citroen 2CV : they are all minimal and good!




Anyway simple things always leave us some space for customizing...For example, to let marinate 1 hour a little bit of chopped garlic and 2 crashed anchovies in the olive oil before using it on this "caprese" salad gives it a nice personal twist.


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2010年2月 1日 (月)

Suncatcher and espresso machine/サンキャッチャーとエスプレッソマシン

A "sun catcher" playing with my favorite espresso machine...



The sun.



And the "rainbow"... そして虹…

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O nabe de kokoro atakaku... お鍋で 心 暖まる

This winter, we are big fans of "Tofu & tara nabe", it's very easy, it requires only 1 pack of good tofu, a few cuts of lightly salted Tara (Cod), a few leafs of Hakusai (Chinese cabbage), water and some dry kombu. You just put the Water and the kombu in the nabe, let rest a few hours if you are a patient person, then you put tofu cut in cubes and hakusai  . Let boil until hakusai is cooked and Tofu well warmed, then dip your pieces of tara 2 to 3 minutes in the stock to cook and enjoy.

We use two favorite sauces with this dish :

On the left, the Yuzu pon is perfect for the cod.

The sesame sauce is excellent with tofu and hakusai.

Give it a try! It warms your heart!





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"Course In Creation" First Session/“創造のコース”最初のセッション

Some images of yesterday's first class of the Course in Creation



From the window of the classroom. View of Senzoku Ike.



2 types of Muffins for tea time...: orange, apricot and honey taste or banana rhum-raisins.



The tea : bouquet of flowers from Kusmi Tea お茶:クスミ・ティから"花束”


We are all creators. Life creates trough us, every instant in application of the law of causes and effects...

January's class was about :  The key behind Creation.

The next class will be on

February 28
" The obstacles to creation
and how to remove them."

Second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).

From 13:30 to 16:30

Participation fee : ¥5000

Reservations & informations : bureau@patricejulien.com




" 創造を妨げるもの

洗足池(池上線)駅前 ボートハウス2階 1時30分〜4時30分 参加費:5000円 ご予約とお問い合わせ: bureau@patricejulien.com

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