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2010年2月 1日 (月)

O nabe de kokoro atakaku... お鍋で 心 暖まる

This winter, we are big fans of "Tofu & tara nabe", it's very easy, it requires only 1 pack of good tofu, a few cuts of lightly salted Tara (Cod), a few leafs of Hakusai (Chinese cabbage), water and some dry kombu. You just put the Water and the kombu in the nabe, let rest a few hours if you are a patient person, then you put tofu cut in cubes and hakusai  . Let boil until hakusai is cooked and Tofu well warmed, then dip your pieces of tara 2 to 3 minutes in the stock to cook and enjoy.

We use two favorite sauces with this dish :

On the left, the Yuzu pon is perfect for the cod.

The sesame sauce is excellent with tofu and hakusai.

Give it a try! It warms your heart!







I had a short trip in Hokkaido with my partner. He came to Sapporo from Honsyu.He came back to his home and I came back to my home at afternoon.On the way to home, I bought some cod and tofu. What a coincidence!! I felt so happy and write a message for you. Thank you for your blog!

投稿: Yuka Endo | 2010年2月 1日 (月) 19時54分

Funny synchronicity...
Thank you Yuka san...

投稿: Patrice | 2010年2月 1日 (月) 21時52分

Oisi so〜!
I try that,tooheart04

new year mo yoroshiku-ne,Patrice san
飛躍(hiyaku)no toshi ni narimasuyouni…piscesaquariussweat01

投稿: Nao | 2010年2月 2日 (火) 11時47分

You too


投稿: Patrice | 2010年2月 2日 (火) 12時52分