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2010年2月20日 (土)

"Organic" or not "Organic"/オーガニックかオーガニックじゃないか


Organic or not organic? That is the question...

Recently the "organic trend" is getting very popular... many people are translating "because it is said -organic- it is "safe" and "good" for my body". Some go further and think : "It tastes so good because it is organic..." Restaurants serving boiled or steamed vegetables with little salt or a few drops of organic olive oil are proliferating...Some are cooking without oil, without flour, without butter,..."Without" looks like the new motto... the new Paradise...

If "organic" means more respectful, more conscious, more responsible, more aware of our choices, more loving...  I think it goes with our actual evolution and our growth. If it means a new religion with it's "DO" and "DO NOT" that's just one more dogma and a new way to limit human freedom.

Human beings have been evolving during millions of years, they have created new ways of enjoyment, always expanding their possibilities of creation. This also applies to food and gastronomy. For me a bakery with thousands of kinds of breads is more fun than a bakery cooking one kind of organic bread on stones warmed in the sun without leaven or yeast...

In my opinion, so called "organic restaurants" are just something comparable to "maid kissas" or "cat cafés", just a variety of enjoyment, one of the actual trends, a way for some people to feel secure and happy within their "beliefs system".

Once we understand this it will allow us to realize that all our life is ruled only by our beliefs. Even our food and our reactions to food. When I remember my childhood I know that I had periods when I couldn't eat some vegetables like spinaches because of their aspect or some ideas I had about them... It was like an "allergy" but now I realize those aversions were just born from "ideas".

If we look around us we see that the variety of allergies is increasing. Why? What is the reason of this increase? It looks like humans are getting weaker and weaker. We can notice that the answer to allergies is almost always to identify the cause "outside", almost never "Inside". Doctors think it comes from pollution, from pollens, from chemicals, from cats, from insects,... People stop eating flour, gluten, wear masks, eat and drink medicines,... Almost always, answers come from outside... This is the only weakness we have to fear : the so called "Outside word" is becoming the new "God", the new "devil"... Men seem powerless, even Doctors often cannot answer about the real causes. When you look for the answers and causes "OUTSIDE" it is like locking your car with the keys inside...

Feeling more "spiritual" does not mean being "good" by not "killing" animals. It has no relation with special diets or giving your seat to old people in the train, it just means "understanding" how "Spirit works".

We cannot become more "spiritual" because we ARE "Spirit" itself.
Spirit is like a knife, we can use it to cook or to kill ourselves or others. It is the reason why we need to learn how to use the knife of our thoughts in a responsible way. That is true freedom! Shakespeare wrote : "There is no good or bad but thinking make it so".

As a Father what I want to transmit to my child is Freedom and Responsibility. I want to show to the kid that all the power is in his mind and in his choices, nothing is really outside : all creation happens from inside out.

To realize the "Truth" we need to let go of all beliefs and see the world and ourselves like a white sheet of paper where each of our steps reflects a choice coming from inside and creates a new design... Walking in respect and responsibility is the only thing ...Each one of our steps generates the manifested Universe.

In the film Avatar, the people of Pandora pray when they kill an animal, they excuse themselves and give thank from a deep state of of compassion, it is because they also accept fully the fact that their bodies and souls will also be given back to nature according to a natural cycle...

All "primitive" cultures had this attitude of respect and gratitude. That is the part we need to reconnect with. Not by limiting our diet to cereals and vegetables for the reason that cereals and vegetables do not cry loudly when you cut them or boil them...

Our next challenge is here : in the understanding of how as belonging to the global Spirit we are responsible of the part we play on the stage of life. The world we create around us is the answer. We are Alchemists, able to transform anything in Gold or in Poison. It is the way we can make everything on this planet "Organic" just by blessing it...

















this is exactly what I feeling while I cleaning windows listening to radio.
everyone now so crazy for pollen!
so in love, so in hay fever ...

now I'm so in love with yotsuba butter!

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