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2010年3月16日 (火)

Isn't it Beautiful?



Hello Mr. Julien. My name is Yuka Noguchi and I've been a long time fan of you and your ideas/ways of living. (I could write in Japanese but English is actually easier for me to write). I live in the United States - in Orlando, FL to be exact. I was wondering what song/artist was playing in the background of the ice skating performance...I would love to know. Thanks:)

投稿: Yuka Noguchi | 2010年3月16日 (火) 12時35分

Dear Yuka San, here is the Website of the Artist Maxime Rodriguez but he is a composer for Ice Skating and dance. You can buy this show musics from the site http://www.maximerodriguez.fr/

Thank You!

投稿: Patrice | 2010年3月16日 (火) 13時44分

J'adore ses "oeuvres" aussi.
Je pense qu'il connait l'essence de la beaute de la vie, ← c'est just mon impression...

投稿: mi | 2010年4月 7日 (水) 11時16分