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2010年4月11日 (日)

Course in Creation IV : Beyond the "Law of Attraction"?/創造のコース第4回:“引き寄せの法則”を越えて?


Photo by PJ

I suggest that you imagine a child, a very young Child at a zero state, coming to life without any specific idea about life...

Imagine that some day, this child wants to help his mother by holding a big pile of plates...It's too heavy, the plates fall, almost all is broken,...

Let's say that the instinctive reaction of the mother is to get upset. She it too busy in her head to feel the love the Child behind the accident and she just says : "How clumsy!", and she lets her anger flow...

To your opinion, what is the feeling of the child in front of this reaction?

Now imagine that next time the Child wants to help the Mother says : "No, don't do it, you remember last time, you broke everything!"

What is the pattern reinforced in the mind of the child?
Then imagine that this idea : "You are clumsy" is repeated day by day...
What will be the experiences "attracted"(created) by this idea in the life of this child when he becomes an adult?

If the situation had been different, if the reaction of the mother had been more supporting, more loving, If she were able to feel the love of the child the first time and meet it with love and support like :
- That's Okay! Thank you for trying to help me! There is no problem! Thank you! Than you!  I love you!...

Do you think that those two types of reactions can bring a difference in the future of those 2 children?

If you feel so you will be able to see how the so called "Law of attraction" works. It does not work from outside but from inside. It is a law of Identity, it brings into creation automatically the answer to the question : "Who do I feel I Am?..."

My I AM is my seed...

From what is called a "margaret" seed, only "margaret" flowers can unfold. Giving love, care and attention is needed. Listening to reactions, knowing when to water, when to give support is  important but nobody will succeed in forcing a margaret seed to create roses...

We are all different and we have all an unique "Inner seed"... To discover the "will" of our "inner seed"and cooperate with love is true achievement. It is why more than the "law of attraction" we may think of a LAW OF EXPRESSION and learn to use it.

How does this Law of expression work? How can we get in touch with it's principles? How can we support it?

It will be the theme of the session IV of the "Course in Creation" :

"Beyond the Law of Attraction?"
(Exploring the "Law of Expression")

Sunday April 25, 2010

Second floor of the Boat House just in front of the Station of Senzoku Ike (Ikegami line).

From 13:30 to 16:30
Participation fee : ¥5000

Reservations & informations : bureau@patricejulien.com
(At the beginning of each session we make a complete recapitulation of the preceding steps so new students will be able to catch on with the class).










私のI AM が私のタネ(根源)なのです。





( "表現の法則"についても触れていきます)

2010年 4月25日日曜日


13:30 〜 16:30
参加費: ¥5000

ご予約とお問い合わせ: bureau@patricejulien.com



Thank you for your Blog. I have been told by my father "You can't anything by yourself." I was always sad to hear that. My sister is smart. My father is always compare with her and me. That's why I'm keeping up my job. I will never give up! Thank you so much.

投稿: Yuka | 2010年4月12日 (月) 08時14分

Once we know it we are able to work on erasing what is not useful to us anymore...desho?
Thank you Yuka!

投稿: Patrice | 2010年4月13日 (火) 16時54分

That's right!! Thank you, Patrice-san.
Actually I alawys wear the apron which you had desined. I am always happy with you in my mind. Let's be I AM!

投稿: Yuka | 2010年4月14日 (水) 08時18分

yonde naitesimaimasita
imadani jyunnbibakarisiteiruwatasi
anohitoha aijouwo sosoidekureteirunoni
ka'te ni si'towosite komaraseteiru・・

投稿: kei | 2010年4月14日 (水) 09時38分


投稿: Patrice | 2010年4月14日 (水) 09時47分