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2010年6月26日 (土)

Patrice & Yuri Open house Count Down...23 Days left!

More than 250 persons visited our "Open house" until today,
We want to thank them because it is such a pleasure for Yuri and I to meet everyday interesting people who understand how much we loved the objects we are selling. Dear Friends, we are  really thankful to all of you to give a new stage to all our goods, plants, furniture, we know they will be happy with you and you will be happy with them. Thank you!Thank You!

The "Open house" will continue until the 19th of July and we plan to leave Narita on the 24th of July for Montpellier in the South of France where we will leave our belongings before going to Bruxelles in Belgium where I will go with Yuri to teach a SITH® Ho'oponopono Class Basic I  on 30, 31 of July...This will be the first step of our New life in Europe...

So, from today, starts the count down of our "Open House", still a lot of visual books, japanese antiques, electric appliances, dishes, lamps, gardening goods, zakkas, etc... Catch the chance! Only 23 days left...

Every day of the count down we plan to have a "Focal Point" In the "Focal Point" we will introduce the "hero of the day". Tomorrow's heros are 3 very, very low priced japanese style tables...(Chabudai and Urushi type tables...) and a very nice simple byobu...

See you...

All our love to You!

Patrice & Yuri


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