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2010年8月22日 (日)

Answering comments in our blogs.../このブログのコメントへの返答

Dear Friends I want to let you know that it is not possible for us to answer your comments directly on our blogs. Cocolog have a protection against junk messages from outside Japan so our computers do not have access to the comments. Sorry for this...





わーい(^o^)パトリスさん 久々でとっても嬉しい!でも 私英語読めない…I have to do my best!

投稿: | 2010年8月23日 (月) 10時56分

Hi Patrice-san! Glad that you decided to continue your blog from France.

If you like, I can recommend "blogger" for your alternative. It supports multiple languages, and I believe you can import your older blog articles from other sites :D In any cases, wishing you all the best!

投稿: mii | 2010年8月24日 (火) 16時30分