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2010年8月26日 (木)

What is a "Hang"?/“ハング”ってなに?

Do you remember the videos I posted in this blog about a very special instrument created by Felix Rohner et Sabina Schärer in Bern Swizerland in 2000. It is called "Hang" . The hang looks like an UFO and sounds a bit like a mixture of a steel drum and an Indonesian Gamelan.


The sound of this "new" instrument, result of ethnic traditions and modern accoustic researches have a very unique "HADO" (energy) supposed to open the connection with other "galaxies" and because it is only made manually and sold by its creators it is still quite rare...



So, what was my surprise today to hear the sound of a hang  at the corner of a street of Montpellier...!!

The artist, Alexandre Bockstael (on the picture) was playing in front of a shoes shop...

I bought the CD he was selling, it is called "Sounds of the Inner Journey", I am listening to it while writing...very inspiring...

I checked on his name trough the net, unfortunately he looks like not being in Youtube, only in Facebook. I hope to create a chance to work with him some day in the future...

His Facebook address is : Alexandre Bockstael





彼のフェイスブック:Alexandre Bockstael



WOW, I've heard of the sound of a Hang in Osaka played by "Aki-Ra sunrise"!He is from Kyoto, has been to France, too.
I remember that sound was like a steelpan or Theremin
Amaging to know that it has such a special Hado...!!

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karetono shigotoga dekiruhiwo watashimo tanoshimini shiteimasu
Avec Amour Satomi

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