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2010年12月31日 (金)

New Year's Eve/大晦日

11:29 in France...Already 19:29 in Japan...Countdown for 2011 is getting close. Today is the last of the videomusical trip I started in this blog a few days ago. Sharing music was a way to be directly with you, listening silently to the same thing...Within a few hours at different timings, all around the world people will be counting down together. I selected today's video because it reflects very well this moment...All the planet connected through a countdown...moving from 2010 to Zero...

Thank you for your presence in 2010
Thank you for visiting this blog
Thank you for your comments
Thank you for your love
Thank  you for sharing
and let enjoy creating 2011 the best we can...

Love from us...
Feel the beat
Feel the heart...
Thank you...





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