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2011年2月12日 (土)

Haru no kaze.../春の風


Big cities like Tokyo are always moving, new trends, fashions, information,... In a small village it is very different...People live almost at the same rhythm as nature...It means when it is winter, it is winter...Just plain...No escape... All around our village, looking at the completely bare silent vines fields it is hard to imagine that in next October people will taste the Neffiès "Nouveau" 2011...All looks now like dead plants but beyond what the eyes see, an invisible world continues, fully alive,...
This blog also have been quiet for a while...Today I thought : "What could I write?"...The answer I got from my heart was : "Just wait. And if something happens, write about it..." So I let things go...


And... this evening, suddenly, our friends Joanna and Radek, landlords of the house weknocked at the door and they brought us bunches of mimosa and...almond flowers (looking like sakuras)... Wao...! It was the happening expected for the blog.


My last post was about flowers...flowers again came with a message, and also friends carrying the message...Thank you! Thank you!


Even in the silence and the apparent immobility of winter, things move and tell "Yes, WE ARE ALIVE..."





Thank you so much for update a beautiful picture also hearty message. You always write such genial and strong word.pencil
We had snowfall last night.snow
It made me warmed up the your message.
wineCheer up....

投稿: Yuky Shmbsh | 2011年2月12日 (土) 16時43分

In the first picture, I can see a graceful figure of "Kannon-sama".

投稿: Betty | 2011年2月12日 (土) 23時11分