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2011年9月25日 (日)

Alula plant.../アルラ植物

We get everyday a lot of advertising in our material mail box, I usually go through it very fast and trash it so it does not accumulate in the house. Last week in the middle of offers from supermarkets and home centers there was a catalog for gardening and plants. As you know I like gardening so I went through the pictures and descriptions. All the products presented were quite classic but one of them attracted particularly my attention, it looked like this :



In French it is called "Palmier Hawaïen" which means "Hawaiian palm tree"...


The scientific name for it is "Brighamia Insignis". Internet being a marvelous Q&A platform, I immediately found the strange story of this plant which is not a Palm tree but a variety of what is called "succulent plants" a specie like the aloe, growing on arid lands and able to store water within their body.


On Wikipedia I discovered that this Hawaiian plant have almost completely disappeared because the specific insect in charge of its pollination have totally been extincted...No pollination means no more seeds and no more seeds means that when the older specimens are gone the plant will be gone too...


The story becomes quite fascinating when we discover that the last specimens of this plant live on spots very difficult to reach as you will see on this video. And also to see that the only way to save them being human pollination the procedure is quite risky...The video being quite long, take your time, relax and enjoy this trip to the depth of Hawaiian nature... :


The incredible beauty of this story and the passion it shows is part of the reason why the Alula or Olulu is getting an increasing number of fans in all Europe... And the good side effect of this interest for the "Hawaiian Palm tree" is that  every time somebody is buying one of those plants a percentage of the amount goes to support the preservation program...


It's how and why the "Hawaiian palm tree" seeds travel the world, linking our interiors, our minds and our hearts with the sacred land of Hawaii...


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2011年9月 6日 (火)

Postcards from Brussels/ブリュッセルより、絵はがき

A few days in Brussels with Yuri. Beautiful weather here, we really enjoyed being in the city again. I share with you a few shots.



Horses and cart for the Parade of the September beer festival...



Hot chocolate with Chili and Lemongrass at the Frédéric Blondeel chocolate shop. Very good!



And a cute picture of "Dodoos", little pieces of soft clothes babies like to sleep with. There was a corner full of them in a big toy shop in the middle of the city near the grand place.



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