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2012年1月31日 (火)

A rainbow across the sky of Hawi


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2012年1月28日 (土)

From Volcano Village Hawai'i


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2012年1月17日 (火)

Travellers tree.../旅人の木 トラベラーズツリー


Those interesting trees on the right side looking like giant fans are called "traveler's tree".I took this picture in the garden of a friend on Big Island in Hawaii last week.

A few weeks before I was publishing on this blog some pictures of the Xmas decorations in Paris...Yes..."Traveler's tree" is a perfect match. I like them...



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2012年1月 2日 (月)

The Present, the Shrimps and the garlic Mayonnaise.../現在と、海老と、ガーリックマヨネーズと


This morning, during breakfast, We were talking with Yuri about my last post on this blog and explaining to her more in details about my New Year's message for 2012. Let me share with you some of the ideas that came out.

1) In reality, we have no choice, we always live in the present! Even if we are thinking of the future or the past we are in the present...And for the universe, that is completely equal... I can be sitting at a table with a very good dinner in front of me and thinking about a dinner I had last year which looked much better...for the universe it does not change anything...the only change is about my experience : "Do I enjoy the present or do I prefer to cover it with my memories and miss its actual possibilities?"

2) So the interesting aspect of this is :

As I keep as much as possible in the present I stay open to more opportunities and potentials : When we live fully in this "out of time" we call "present" we have access to all possible pasts, all possibles presents, all possible futures...we are in the eternal NOW of Life...

Practically it means that we can experience much more creative scenarios...Let's take an example. For New Year, my mother got a big bag of shrimps. All those years, feeling too busy, she had almost stopped to cook...She was wondering what to do with all those shrimps.

In front of this simple situation, if we stay in the present we have millions of scenarios possible. One of them is the last time Yuri and I had shrimps in Tokyo with a garlic mayonnaise. The other one is the last time Yuri and I tasted the Delicious garlic mayonnaise called "Aïoli" made by my Mom...This experience was in 2005...we had it with boiled potatoes...Since then Mom slowly by slowly almost gave up cooking...

So l said to Mom, "Why don't we boil potatoes and shrimps and have it with this delicious Aïoli you used to make...You also could teach Yuri how to do it". Mom answered that she did not remember how to make it... I suggested : "Just start and things will flow...".

So here we are in the kitchen with the eggs, vinegar, garlic, salt and salad oil. A pot of salted water on the gas range. A few minutes later potatoes, shrimp and everything is set...And Yuri knows everything about the technique.

The result was simple, but absolutely delicious. Mom herself felt impressed...: "Only 15 minutes to make such a delicious meal!...I will do it again more often!..."

It may not always look as simple as this to "Cook our life" but understanding how staying "Present" means staying "Open" can help us get the inspiration for creative solutions...


1. 事実、僕たちに選択肢はない。いつも“今”を生きている。

2. これの興味深い点:現在にしっかりと存在すればするほど、より多くの機会や可能性に自分をさらすことができる。







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2012年が今...2012...I LIVE IN THE PRESENT...


Here we are!
Our calendars have reached this
long awaited 2012.

The evolution have begun in consciousness 
years ago, and it will continue,
It has been accelerating in 2011.
We have realized that
living in the past
is too uncomfortable,
that regret is too painful,
understood that thinking about the future
brings anxieties and fears...

Our hearts have found the answer :
the only liveable dimension is NOW 
which means that only the present
any present...
It is the only dimension where everything happens,
not elsewhere ...


So, for 2012 the best navigation tool to be used is
Knowing that what is happening is only ONE place;
... AND NOW ...
and all the rest is the novel we choose to buy in ...

数年前から 動き始めていた
勢いが増したのは 2011年
そんな生き方は もうできない
悔やんでいても 生きられない
未来を恐れても どうにもならない...
ぼくたちが生きられるのは 今だけ
今 このときだけが生きている...
何かが起こり 過ぎていくのはその瞬間だけ
そして2012年 航海のための最良の手段は 知ること
物事が起こる場所は ひとつしかないということを
ここ そして 今
それ以外は全部 当てにならないんだ...

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