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2012年5月29日 (火)

"Space Drum" /スペースドラム

Yesterday I had some time to walk alone with myself in the streets of Bucharest. It was raining all day but I was able to take a lot of pictures of this very charming and contrasted city. I visited an "avant-garde" bookshop hosted in a big old house of the beginning of the century, then I spent sometimes in trendy  the café in the basement. from there I visited the old town, finding interesting street sculptures, visiting several old orthodox churches decorated with beautiful icons, walking between modern cafés and restaurants...
In the evening, I was planning to share this with you but I found that I forgot the connection cable of my camera!!!!... So please be patient. Today I fly to Italy and wish to be back in Béziers next week...Please, wait until then...
And for now, let me share with you a nice piece of music again...




Her wark is so amazing!!!
I had a good time!!!

投稿: Nana | 2012年6月 8日 (金) 20時28分