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2013年1月 6日 (日)

Let it be.../レット・イット・ビー

Recently I have been fascinated by flying birds. In their flight there is two attitudes one active, they move their wings and one passive, they just let air do the job. This second attitude, the passive one is the one I feel I have to learn from. It looks so simple to just let the air support the movement; it is 0% action, just letting be...In our life, a lot of things support us, we are supported when standing, the ground and gravity and balance do the job, when sleeping it's even more evident, the ground hold us, carry us, we need no care, no action, nothing, just trust life.

If I compare the passive flight of birds with my own life, I see that a lot of activity happens in my life and my body. I keep myself busy like a bird always moving his wings. It is tiring and useless. Without my will thoughts come, I need to move. Even when ready to sleep I keep moving my mental wings, moving towards nothing...Just keeping myself busy...for nothing...Give it a try, lie on a bed and let the ground support you, you don't need to think or try anything, just let IT be...How long will you stay passive, just iddle, letting life hold you in its arms, like a bird flying without moving.







Doobutsu wa iroiro-na koto o oshiete kuremasu ne.confident

投稿: kumiko | 2013年1月 6日 (日) 19時42分

Occasionally we need to be like a bird.

投稿: Yuka | 2013年1月 7日 (月) 03時49分

washi kakkoii

投稿: Isa | 2013年1月12日 (土) 00時51分