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2013年1月 5日 (土)

Stay or leave?/とどまる?立ち去る?



Stop or continue, stay or leave,
I actually find that it is a very important question. Merry go round go round and round but children enjoy it and do not find it boring…For most adults it is fun to look at it from outside from time to time but at a certain point we want to change…

Change is not the only answer to problems, there is also the answer of continuing on the same way but with a different perspective. It can be with the same job, the same house, the same person but more deeply.

It takes time to build a house but it takes just a few days to break it. So, before breaking anything to create change in our life let look closer at things. Is it definitely not my way or can I stay with a deeper understanding…That is the way to expertise.

Expertise can be in keeping on the same track without being affected by boredom or frustration. That is the way of a lot of businesses, couples, financial success. The founder of Apple is an example, he did try big changes but failed. His expertise is in expanding what is. Changing from the inside. His motto seems to be : » I stay and because I stay things are allowed to change ».






I will try to change a little bit inside my heart.

投稿: Yuka | 2013年1月 5日 (土) 05時51分