2010年3月23日 (火)

Good morning sakuras.../おはよう桜たち

This morning,
from our windows
first bloom...



And much more getting ready...



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2010年2月24日 (水)

Welcome Spring!/ようこそ春ちゃん!


Today the air feel lighter, birds getting busy, plants getting busy,
not really busy,
not like us getting busy,
they just open to the energy of life,
not doing,
just opening.



Something in the very Center of Life
gave the start and Joy flows
In our blood too,
in our mind,
in our heart,
if we just take time to open and listen...
Thank you Life!
Welcome Spring!



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2010年2月21日 (日)

A trip through the Infinite / 無限の旅

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Each one reflects the whole.../ひとつひとつが全体をもたらす

Yesterday evening I bought a kind of cauliflower originary from Italia called by the sweet name "Veronica Romanesco" or lime green Cauliflower.

Apart the fact that this variety is getting very popular around the world for it's shape, color and taste  it shows a very interesting geometrical pattern called "fractal" which illustrate quite well the idea in the background of my last post about individual responsibility and the blessing of the "whole".

When you look at this cauliflower you see that it shows a perfect spiral shape expanding from the inside-out. Let see this as one "Universe"expanding from an idea or a "seed" called by humans : "Veronica Romanesco".


Now look closer and you will notice that this expansion is made of a lot of similar universes expanding according to the same pattern.


If we could look deeper and deeper we can suppose that we would find an infinity of smaller universes in universes, something like the Matryoshka dolls. It shows how each one of our thoughts of acceptation or rejection can affect the whole Universe in deepth... It shows also how all sickness are generated...







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2010年2月20日 (土)

"Organic" or not "Organic"/オーガニックかオーガニックじゃないか


Organic or not organic? That is the question...

Recently the "organic trend" is getting very popular... many people are translating "because it is said -organic- it is "safe" and "good" for my body". Some go further and think : "It tastes so good because it is organic..." Restaurants serving boiled or steamed vegetables with little salt or a few drops of organic olive oil are proliferating...Some are cooking without oil, without flour, without butter,..."Without" looks like the new motto... the new Paradise...

If "organic" means more respectful, more conscious, more responsible, more aware of our choices, more loving...  I think it goes with our actual evolution and our growth. If it means a new religion with it's "DO" and "DO NOT" that's just one more dogma and a new way to limit human freedom.

Human beings have been evolving during millions of years, they have created new ways of enjoyment, always expanding their possibilities of creation. This also applies to food and gastronomy. For me a bakery with thousands of kinds of breads is more fun than a bakery cooking one kind of organic bread on stones warmed in the sun without leaven or yeast...

In my opinion, so called "organic restaurants" are just something comparable to "maid kissas" or "cat cafés", just a variety of enjoyment, one of the actual trends, a way for some people to feel secure and happy within their "beliefs system".

Once we understand this it will allow us to realize that all our life is ruled only by our beliefs. Even our food and our reactions to food. When I remember my childhood I know that I had periods when I couldn't eat some vegetables like spinaches because of their aspect or some ideas I had about them... It was like an "allergy" but now I realize those aversions were just born from "ideas".

If we look around us we see that the variety of allergies is increasing. Why? What is the reason of this increase? It looks like humans are getting weaker and weaker. We can notice that the answer to allergies is almost always to identify the cause "outside", almost never "Inside". Doctors think it comes from pollution, from pollens, from chemicals, from cats, from insects,... People stop eating flour, gluten, wear masks, eat and drink medicines,... Almost always, answers come from outside... This is the only weakness we have to fear : the so called "Outside word" is becoming the new "God", the new "devil"... Men seem powerless, even Doctors often cannot answer about the real causes. When you look for the answers and causes "OUTSIDE" it is like locking your car with the keys inside...

Feeling more "spiritual" does not mean being "good" by not "killing" animals. It has no relation with special diets or giving your seat to old people in the train, it just means "understanding" how "Spirit works".

We cannot become more "spiritual" because we ARE "Spirit" itself.
Spirit is like a knife, we can use it to cook or to kill ourselves or others. It is the reason why we need to learn how to use the knife of our thoughts in a responsible way. That is true freedom! Shakespeare wrote : "There is no good or bad but thinking make it so".

As a Father what I want to transmit to my child is Freedom and Responsibility. I want to show to the kid that all the power is in his mind and in his choices, nothing is really outside : all creation happens from inside out.

To realize the "Truth" we need to let go of all beliefs and see the world and ourselves like a white sheet of paper where each of our steps reflects a choice coming from inside and creates a new design... Walking in respect and responsibility is the only thing ...Each one of our steps generates the manifested Universe.

In the film Avatar, the people of Pandora pray when they kill an animal, they excuse themselves and give thank from a deep state of of compassion, it is because they also accept fully the fact that their bodies and souls will also be given back to nature according to a natural cycle...

All "primitive" cultures had this attitude of respect and gratitude. That is the part we need to reconnect with. Not by limiting our diet to cereals and vegetables for the reason that cereals and vegetables do not cry loudly when you cut them or boil them...

Our next challenge is here : in the understanding of how as belonging to the global Spirit we are responsible of the part we play on the stage of life. The world we create around us is the answer. We are Alchemists, able to transform anything in Gold or in Poison. It is the way we can make everything on this planet "Organic" just by blessing it...















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2010年2月 8日 (月)

Life Blooming/ライフ 咲く



"It" is Life,

"It" happens,

it is "it"...

Somebody crying,
"It" is Life,
"It" happens,
it is "it"…

always Life.
"It" happens,
it is "it"...

Say "Yes" or "No"
"it" is "it"…
"It" is "me"…

それが ライフ
それが 起こる
それは それ

それが ライフ
ライフは いつも ライフ
それが 起こる
それは それ

イエスと言うか ノーと言うか
それは それ
それは つまり 私

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2009年4月15日 (水)

Channeling and imagination./チャネリングとイマジネーション

How do we get radio stations access our mind?
How do we catch television programs in our houses?
More and more people have internet reaching their computers without any need for a physical line,
We are all using mobile phones on an everyday basis...
this communication without any need for physical lines is increasing in our everyday life, even remote controllers work the same way...Do anybody think it is weird?

But back in 1893 when a genius called Nicolas Tesla did his first demonstration of radio wireless communication at St Louis, Missouri many people around him thought he was a "mad scientist".

Today, who knows his name? Who knows that our actual communication world was being birthed then in the imagination of this Serbian immigrant.

We are now 24h a day living in what the Universe inspired to Tesla. He felt that we are all bathed in an information world we do not see. Today, more than 100 years after this date, people use mobile phones around us and we do not feel it is strange. We see them and hear them speaking but do not realize that all those "ideas" and "words" are always flying in the air around us, available to us  24 hours a day. If we have a radio or a TV receiver we can also get programs of sports, music, news,...


All this is traveling in the air at any moment and any place and we do not see it. We see the color red and the color violet but what about the colors we cannot see? Does that mean that what we cannot see does not exist? Does that mean that what we cannot hear do not exist?

Imagine a man who does not know anything about a TV or a radio. If he did not know how to use his receiver, if he did not know how to tune to a particular station what would happen? Nothing...

It is the same with our minds...We accept our communication machines like scientific and technical evidences but what would have it been if we were born 500 years ago...those ideas would have been judged crazy...There is no magic as a trick, all is about opening our imaginations to the LAWS OF LIFE.

What happens today when we hear the world "channeling"? Many people think it is "strange" or "weird" or "occult"... They do not see that it is an application of absolutely the same rule that they are already using with their TV... Except the fact that for "channeling" the only machine you need is your own mind...

But now it is time to start training ourselves for our next technological revolution...We are already doing it everyday but we still do not accept it fully. What is inspiration? What is intuition? What is an invention? What is a creation?

All this is "channeling" or "wireless communication" with the mind of the Universe. Laboratory research is not research, it is just a tuning procedure, working trough trial and error. It is the same thing we are doing when we use a radio and tune in a particular frequency until we get a clear reception of the program.

Channelers are not special people, they are just people who accept the strangeness of this tuning and the risk to have other people say that they are "crazy" or "fake".

It is now time to open ourselves to the truth of our real potential and learn how to "tap in" the mind of the Universe. It is time for everyone to start using the free "wireless communication system of the Universe". It is not difficult, the first step is to stop thinking that it is weird.

Everybody have this "build in capacity" from the beginning of times. No man has a particular gift that would allow him to say he is a reincarnation of a special entity. All spiritual Masters are just people who took the risk to be judged "weird". What they found is in now the "public domain" of the Universe. It is available at every moment. Everybody is able to access this "database".

Our technology is just a symbol, a proof that it works : "If you can hear the voice of a distant friend in the speaker of your mobile phone it means that you are a channeler and you can also choose to access any mind in the past or the future..."

What about so called "guides" or channeling big names like Buddha, Jesus or even God? Sounds weird isn't it... but is it really? Does the "energy" associated with those names belong to the past or is it still available now to us...?

Why do people meditate? Why do they do Zazen? What are they trying to reach?...Where are the solutions of the actual so called "Economical problems"...? From where will answers emerge for our future about new energies, anti pollution devices, social and economic innovations?

From laboratories? From banks? From geniuses? From astrology? From new prophets or special people...or more simply from each one of us if we finally accept that we are not only a fragile assemblage of cells suspended in time from birth to death...

When will we start to understand the unlimited potential in us?...

Next Saturday 18th session will be about this. I will share with you what is coming through me about how to start channeling your solutions. Remember, in 1992, I did it through a cooking book : "France Ryori ABC". I was not a Chef, just a person like everybody and this simple 98 pages book had an unexpected influence on so many people, it was not only a cooking book, it was about joy and potential... Synchronistically, a few weeks ago after being republished regularly during 17 years, "France Ryori ABC" retired, "Otsukaresama!..." This means for me that my next step is starting. After a kind of "food revolution" with this book, a "Lifestyle revolution" with "Sekatsu wa art", now I am glad to start contributing to what is happening now on this Planet : "The mind revolution..."

Do not be impressed by words like "Channeling" or "Guides", it is the same thing as "Guérande salt" or "Olive oil", just ingredients to cook a "Good Life". You already did learn how to cook good food, how to cook nice lifestyles, now let's start cooking with our minds...


See you saturday for a great evening! O tanoshimi"

I Love you!
























I love you


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2009年3月24日 (火)

Synchronicity and the Law of attraction/シンクロニシティと惹きつけの法則


Recently all the inspiration coming to me is about this question of self-love and a very strongly related idea : JOY.
I am more and more convinced that Joy is the only expression of life if we accept to let it happen...It does not mean that we will never have to face challenging moments, it just means that we can always answer to any situation in a spirit of Joy...
Joy means self respect, joy always means life continues and it is worth living...Babylonian civilization, Egyptian civilization, Greeks, Romans and many others have declined and disappeared but Joy is still on Earth...
Joy is the expression of our vitality...
Let me tell you about some synchronicities I experienced around this theme. A few years ago, when our Californian friend Mamagon of PJ café (today known as "Jeannie") visited us in Tokyo, she brought us a very cute present, a metallic mobile written "Joy". This mobile (see picture) is dancing in our Garden since that day and we have it in front of us at any time we look outside...
Yesterday I went to Nishino Breath School and at the start of the lesson we heard that Nishino Sensei has a special speech for us. All the students assembled to hear him say : Self love is not a romantic idea like hugging yourself and saying "I love you" when you feel sad and alone, it's keeping your cells alive and excited, hungry for life! Yes that's self love : experiencing as much as we can the Joy of being alive...
And this morning, opening my mails I found this message of Rhonda Byrne the Author of the International success movie "The Secret", I share it with you :

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The movie "The Secret"

Be in Joy now and everything will change

In the moment that I discovered The Secret I realized that I had been living my entire life backwards. If things were good in my life, I was happy. If things were difficult in my life and everything was going wrong, I was stressed and miserable. In my ignorance, I had been misusing the law of attraction all of my life. But all of that changed when I had the knowledge of The Secret.

To live in accordance with The Secret and the most powerful law in the Universe, we must be in Joy first - and then everything will change. To live our lives by emotionally reacting to what is happening outside of us is misusing the law! As we react with negative emotion to any difficulties, we attract more negativity into our lives. We cannot defy the law of attraction, which operates on the most microscopic levels of vibration, and with absolute exactitude.

You must be in Joy first. And then your life will change into Joy.

Difficult times are the greatest opportunities in disguise. When we face difficult times we have to put in determined work to get ourselves into Joy. But let me tell you, when you can get yourself into Joy despite what is happening around you, your life must change - it's the law!

In addition, as you become Joy in difficult times you are becoming the master of your emotions, the master of your life, and the master of the law of attraction. Difficult times are your greatest opportunity to practice yourself into Joy.

Of course if your life is going along swimmingly then it is very easy to be in Joy. During those times your Joy is most likely a reaction to the good times. But the magnificence and the power that you really have within you will be seen when you can be in Joy during difficult times. It is then that you will see the true power that you have within you, because as you hold to Joy, you will shift all the energies of the Universe, and your life and your world will change.

The cause of everything is within you, and the effect is what you experience in your life. You have the power within you to change everything by putting yourself in Joy. You can change everything so easily by becoming Joy first! And nothing can change until you get yourself in Joy, because that is the law of attraction. Like attracts like! The energy of Joy attracts energy of Joy!

Do whatever it takes to find your Joy, and then keep yourself in it no matter what. Keep ramping up your level of Joy every day. There is no limit to the levels of Joy you can reach. You will see change to the degree of Joy that you can attain and maintain. The higher the Joy you can create within you, the more spectacular the change, and the higher the Joy, the faster the change. Once you get yourself in Joy it is easy to maintain it, because your emanation of Joy attracts more Joy. The law of attraction will continually send you more feelings of Joy.

You cannot criticize or blame or complain when you are in Joy. You cannot be afraid when you are in Joy. You cannot speak negatively when you are in Joy. You cannot harm another when you are in Joy. Negativity cannot reach you when you are in Joy.

When you are in Joy you are compassionate. When you are in Joy you are considerate and caring. When you are in Joy you love others. When you are in Joy you appreciate everything. When you are in Joy you are in love with the world, and the Universe is in love with you.

Be in Joy. Seek it with all of your heart, and you will find it.

May the Joy be with you,

Rhonda Byrne
The Secret... bringing Joy to billions

I also have a message of Joy for some readers of this Blog who do not like what I write and think that I am a crazy Idealist.

Please Dear Friends, make me a favor and do yourself a favor, here is my suggestion : If you do not find inspiration here PLEASE do not loose your time reading me... Read the newspapers, read what you like, read the ideas you believe in, do not force yourself to read messages that upset you...

I never read blogs that upset me, I do not look anymore for situations that upset me...

You are free to think that life have to be hard, you are free to live the way you enjoy it even if your way to enjoy is to think that true life is not enjoying!

This blog and everything I write and teach is what I believe and experience since my birth 57 years ago, this message is just my example, it have inspired and healed thousands of people of all ages who are getting more from their life . Those people come to me freely and they leave me freely...The good news is that we are all free, totally free to think and believe in any idea, even the idea that our life have to be painful.

I personally believe in Joy,

it is for me synonym of DIVINITY

it is my religion...

If each one of us could bring everyday some joy to one creature on this planet, be it an animal, a bird, a Child or an adult, this Earth would become a paradise!

Infinite Joy!
it's my dream for All of us
because I believe it is the Dream of the whole Universe!



このテーマに関して最近経験したいくつかのシンクロニシティについて書こうと思う。数年前、僕たちのカリフォルニアの友人、PJカフェでおなじみのママゴ ン(今ではジーニー)が東京に来た時、僕達にとてもかわいいプレゼントを持ってきてくれたんだ。JOYと書かれた金属のモビール。このモビール (写真を参照)はあの日からずっと僕たちの庭で踊り続けている。僕たちが外を見るたびに、これが目の前にあるんだ。

自己愛とは、自分が寂しい時、ひとりぼっちの時に、自分自身を抱きしめるとか愛しているよというようなロマンティックなことではありません。それは、 細胞を生かし続けること、ライフに刺激を求め、渇望し続けることです。そう、自己愛とは:活きている喜びをできるだけたくさん経験すること




シークレットを 発見した時、私はそれまでずっと逆さにライフを生きてきたことに気がつきました。もし私の人生の中で事がうまくいっていれば私は幸せ。もし事が困難な状況 であれば、すべては悪い方向へ行く。私はストレスを抱え、みじめでした。自分の無知から、ライフの惹きつけの法則を誤用していたのです。けれど、このシー クレットを知ったとたん、すべては変わりました。

宇宙における もっともパワフルな法則、シークレットに従って生きるために、まず私たちは喜びの中にいなくてはいけませんーそうすればすべては変わるのです。外側で起き ることに感情的に反応して生きることは、法則をまちがって使っています。どんな状況に対してもネガティブな感情で反応していると、私たちはより多くのネガ ティブな要素を生活の中に引き寄せてしまうのです。私たちはこの惹きつけの法則に逆らうことはできません。これは完璧なる正確さを持って、最微小の波動の レベルで起こります。


困難な時は、逆 にいえば最高の機会なのです。困難に直面したら、自分自身に喜びをもたらせるために、決然と身を捧げなくてはなりません。けれど言っておきますが、どんな ことが回りで起ころうとあなたが喜びの中にいられるようになれば、ライフは必然と変わります―それが法則です。


もちろん、あな たのライフがスイスイと進んでいるなら、喜びの中にいることはとても簡単です。こういう時、喜びというのは大概いい時に対して反応しています。けれど、あ なたの内なる大きさ、力は、困難な時こそ発揮するのです。つまり内なる本当の力を見るのです。なぜなら喜びを手にすることで、全宇宙のエネルギーをあなた が変えているからです。すると、あなたのライフも、あなたの世界も変わっていきます。

すべての原因は あなたの内側にあります。あなたがライフの中で経験していることは、その結果なのです。自分自身を喜びに置くことによってすべてを変えるという力が、あな たにはあります。まず自分が喜びになることで、こんなに簡単にすべてを変えられるのです。あなた自身が喜びになるまでは、なにも変わりません。なぜなら、 それが惹きつけの法則だからです。好きは好きを呼びます。喜びのエネルギーは喜びのエネルギーを惹きつけます!

喜びを見つける ためなら何でもしなさい。それがなんであれ、それを続けなさい。毎日喜びのレベルを上昇させ続けなさい。到達する喜びのレベルに限界はありません。到達し 持ち続けることができる喜びの度合が変化するのを、あなたは発見するでしょう。自分の内側に創り出す喜びが高くなればなるほど、変化は壮大になり、喜びが 高くなればなるほど、変化は早くなります。一度、自分を喜びに置くことができれば、あとは簡単、なぜならあなたの喜びの放射がもっとたくさんの喜びを引き 寄せるから。惹きつけの法則は絶え間なくより多くの喜びの感覚を送ってきます。

喜びの中にいる 時、批判したり、責めたり、不平を言ったりすることはありません。喜びの中にいる時、怖がることはできません。喜びの中にいる時、否定的なことを言うこと はできません。喜びの中にいる時、人を傷つけることはできません。喜びの中にいる時、否定的な事柄はあなたに到達することができません。












このブログ、僕が書き、教えているすべてのことは、57年 前に生を受けてから僕が信じ、経験していること。このメッセージは単なる私の例なんだ。自分のライフからもっとたくさんのものを得ている何千人というあら ゆる世代の人々に感動を送り、癒している。これらの人たちは自由に訪れ、自由に離れていく。グッドニュースは、僕たちはみんな自由だということ。なにを考 え、信じようと全く自由。ライフはつらいものでなければならないという考えであろうとね。









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2009年3月23日 (月)

Sardines and Self Love / イワシ君と自己愛


This question of Self Love cannot be "understood" with our "head". It is not just like saying "OK, I love myself", it is something we have to feel, it is a kind of "Satori".

"Once, there was a young sardine who asked his Father : "Daddy, I heard that there is an ecstatic place on this planet called The Sea, is it true?

Father sardine said : "Mmm...some of our people say so but for me It is a fantasy, I do not believe such a place can logically exist, we would know it. For me, the only thing which is true is this reality around us..."

Hearing those bad news from the mouth of his Father, young sardine felt really depressed..."If this marvellous place called "sea" is just a dream what is the meaning of my existence? Do I really have to give up that dream like my Dad or should I continue to look for it until I discover where it is? "

How would you help young sardine realize that he is already in the Sea?

Buddha did his best to reveal the Truth, Jesus did his best to reveal the same Truth, a lot of spiritual masters still do their best to awaken their disciples to this too evident evidence but still a majority of the sardines think that the Sea do not exist and some of them who call themselves "spiritual seekers" are doing their best to jump out of the water expecting to find this "Promised Sea" somewhere outside...

My imagination game in one of my previous post was not just a game, it was a training exercise to help you experience from inside how it feels to be swimming in a sea of love. I will continue to provide more training hints...










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2009年3月21日 (土)

A Spring present for Yuri / ユリに春のプレゼント

In front of our windows the Sakuras are holding their breath before the great Hanami Show.



But just in front of Yuri's Aroma room, the premium flowers as a present for her!



Thank you dear sakuras
for your loving gift.
We wish you a great flowering
and a very long life...
We Love you Sakura trees!





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Yes we can! /イエス、できるさ!


I suggest you an imagination game.
Imagine that you are the Universal Creative Principle of the Universe. There is only you. Only your Infinite mind. Your infinite imagination. You are the Creator. You are the dreamer of the worlds.
Can you imagine this?
Just you.
All the power, All the Dreams, all the potentials in your Spirit. How is that feeling?Anything possible! Your Spirit is the Infinite Spirit of the world. You can create A-NY-THING! Without limit...
Play with this. See what your creator's imagination can express. See that all the possible things are already in your mind ready to be manifested. You have just to access this area, this reality. See, visualize a green animal 20m long with a pink skin without hair and green dots about 26,5 cms, a yellow head with blue eyes round, 33 pairs of legs about 22cms long,...can you see this in your mind? Can you see that you are able to play with it, isn't it free and enjoyable to do this freely. Can you see that this Creator's Game is unlimited, can you see that If I suggest you anything you can see it in your mind? It is Un-li-mi-ted!

Why are you able to see anything in your mind?
Because you are a Creator and your mind contains potentially ALL the ideas that can be thought. Think of a 3 meters wide round bread with a red crust and an inside like a pink grapefruit texture but tasting like blue cheese and smelling like a violet..
Do not say that you cannot do it!
You can!
I am not sure this is the bread I would like to eat for breakfast but at least it can be imagined and if I or you took enough time we could create it, It would not be impossible.

Because anything a creator Imagine  can be manifested with a bit of of consistence...
It is why Walt Disney, said "If you can Dream it, you can do it"...Disney understood that the imagination of men is unlimited. He knew that our Power is unlimited. Hitler also did so! Jesus Christ and Buddha also did so! Napoleon did so!Obama also thinks so. And you also deep inside you think so!

We all use the same mind, what come out is just a different dream manifested and shared with others. Because of the choices we make : round?square?triangle? big?How big? Which colour?Which smell?Which texture?Which feeling? Cute?Frightening?Gentle? etc...that's it!


Let's be back to our game now.

There is only you.
Free! Unlimited in space or time, no limit, all potentials. You are God, you think that you want to play a game, you want to create an brand new Universe. A brand new You-niverse. Now...imagine how would be the World you would choose to create if you were the first Creator.

Be free, enjoy, play with this idea, meditate on it, live in it and watch not to put any limit on yourself, realize it is a fully open infinite potential...Experience it...
and share your ideas with me...


I love you!








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2009年3月17日 (火)

More about Self love.../自己愛についてもう少し


Why do I insist so much about self love recently. Because I feel more and more that It is a key point in the life of almost all human beings. Why do some persons succeed and others fail. Why do some are rich and other poor? Why some happy and other unhappy?...

The answer is "self love"...Self love does not mean egoism, it means Self Identity and Self Identity means to be exactly what we are supposed to be at every moment of our life. It is our Self pilot acting from inside. Every "Self" is unique, every person is original, so all people on this planet have a particular "mission". But to accomplish this mission as it should  supposes we have full Self Love.

All the people I see In my workshops and seminars, all those who come to private sessions with me have the same problem : self love.  I used to have the same problem it is why I am now teaching others how they can come out of this limitation.

In fact, as humans, we are not supposed to be limited, we are not supposed to fail, we are not supposed to stay married with somebody we do not love, we are not supposed to do a job we do not like, live in a place we do not like, eat things we do not like, ...

But why do so many people do it?...

Because they have no confidence, because they are afraid of failure, because they think they have no dreams, because they think they are not intelligent enough or not talented enough to live by themselves and succeed...

They think they will always have to depend on parents, husband, company, or something else to continue to survive on this planet. Don't you know such people around you?

Why do they think so? From where did this idea come?
Think a little bit and tell me what is your answer.
I will continue next time on this topic.









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2009年3月14日 (土)

Life is Love/ライフは愛なんだ


We, Humans tend to believe that we need love and attention...
Look at almost all our motivations, at everything we do, and see behind the need to know that we are loved. The clothes we choose, our make up, what we want to become, everything is like the feathers of a bird looking for mating : " Look! I exist!Tell me that I exist! Please! Tell me how much I am beautiful!"

That's the best case...But very often humans even do not get to this point. From the beginning some people think that anyway, from start, they cannot be loved, they will not be loved...They believe from the start that nobody will tell them that they exist, they imagine their life like something useless...Those persons are easy to notice because it's  so evident to see that they do everything not to be noticed...

But in fact, both cases are based on the childish misunderstanding of a basic principle : we are not on Earth to be loved...We are on Earth to Love!

Children need support, warmth and attention to adapt to the environment of this Earth until they get all their faculties operating. All animals including humans have the same need but once they become adults they are fully independant and they do not need care anymore, they are supposed to start to care. And this is where many humans do not see the point and get stuck in childish behaviors.

Adults do not need to be accepted anymore. They are! And it is all what is needed! It is a self demonstration. Being who we are is the only reason why we are here and it is obvious...Once we get to this point we start automatically to discover what we have to do...It unfolds from the Center of our Self! (Or the Universe if you prefer)

  But we have to stop looking for the love and acceptation of others because it is what do not allow us to discover what we are here for...

  We look like somebody enrolled for a mission in a company who will spend his time asking : "Do you love me?" instead of doing his job...See what I mean? This person will never learn the job expected...

And it is what happens!

Everybody is spending so much time asking "Do you love me?" that in fact the job of Earth do not progress. And this cause is behind all problems from divorces to wars...

So what is the job?...It is to love and not to be loved.
Look! Rivers flow one way, not both. They are not like trains with the return ticket. To be is to let love flow from your heart without expecting the river to be back to the Source. It is that evident...Do anything you do with love! As love expression. That's the definition of our position in the game!

See, we do it on the wrong way, we are rewinding the video and looking at the movie backwards... we call this rewinding "Our life"... It is why it becomes a life of fear because our need for love can never be answered...The machine is not built to operate in reverse mode!

But, imagine a minute what happens when we understand the user's manual...

Love starts flowing from everybody! It is everywhere in the streets, in the shops, everybody works in love,...

See the result?

No need to look for love anymore because then, truly : LIFE IS LOVE! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!
















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2009年3月10日 (火)

Haruchika Noguchi and Self Love/野口晴哉と自己愛


By an interesting synchronicity I read this morning an article written by the Founder of the Katsugen Undo, Noguchi Haruchika. In this article he writes :
"when parents define a child as being naughty and scold it for its mischief, the child comes to think nothing of behaving naughtily.
It is natural that a naughty child should do naughty things.
just as a good child behaves well, so a naughty child behaves badly.
But as to whether there actually are such creatures as "good children" and "bad children" the answer is "Emphatically not". As they are defined, so they come to be...
People become what they are recognized as being. Both adults and children become what they are recognized as being."

I think that this text will give you a good understanding of the meaning of "not judging others". If I judge that my child is "bad" it means that I create an idea of "bad" and apply it to my child. It is a way to say to him that I do not accept him as Good. I refuse to welcome his originality.I think he have to think like me, be like me etc...To be good. But he will never be like me because we are two different persons.This creates a vicious circle and frustrations for everybody!

When I am able to see only the Good In my child even if he is very different than me, I love my child as myself. Because I would not like anybody to impose me his vision by force I do not do it to my child...

It is why unconditional love of others is self love. It means "Accept others as you accept yourself"






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2009年3月 9日 (月)

We are so Beautiful!/私たちはこんなに美しい!


I want to consider the comment of Hannah on my last post about "frustration" because I think that it is a very fundamental issue that may be addressed.

I believe that there is no thing called "big mistake" or "fault" in this world. For the Universe, there is always a reason for something and this judgment do not belong to us. If we do not imagine that we are an Ego separate from the world, who is responsible? In front of  Who?

Even if for our so called "ego" something looks "Bad" there is no such thing as "Bad" in this Universe, this Universe has no capacity to judge us, it is unconditional. The only thing there is is Love (life) in expression...Even a serial killer, even Hitler or other so called "Bad entities" were not an expression of "Evil" but only an expression of distorted "Love".

What was the motivation of the terrorists of the Twin Towers in New York? Do you think it was evil? No. It was the same motivations as the Japanese Kamikaze rushing on Us Boats during the war. Where did those young Japanese boys get their resolution to do this?In some devilish places? No. They got their benedictions in Shinto Shrines, in Buddhist temples...Can you see a difference between them and the terrorists of the twin towers? I cannot. It is the same pattern. The terrorists and the Kamikaze did not act in the name of "evil" they acted in the name of a "Principle" they loved more than their own life and they gave themselves to it!

So, where is the responsibility? From where come the problem?
Who killed the Kamikaze? Who killed their so called "enemies"? Who killed so many people in the twin towers?



No...Behind, between God an man, some teachings of religions are distorting the true flow because some of their teachers do not grasp the point. They do not act to harm people, they are just not enough awakened to accept the absolute freedom that religions are supposed to bring. They have no confidence in the beauty of Humanity. 

As a proof of this negative effect of a false religious idea of God and men see how Europa spent hundreds of years in "religious wars". Look in the history of the world. Religions killed more people than any other beliefs on this planet. Always in the name of a false "Good"vs"Bad" distinction. Only this idea of "good" and "bad" creates all problems in our life, even if we have no direct religious beliefs...It is part of the dream of the planet. Who is good and who is bad? Look at any problem, even in a couple. Who can decide? Why did it start?How can it end?

Only by accepting that there is no "good" nor "bad" in the absolute

It is why Jesus Christ who was a man like Buddha came after Buddha to announce the "good news" :  LIFE IS ABSOLUTE FREEDOM AND LOVE and that THERE IS NO SIN. His whole Philosophy can be resumed in two phrases:
1) Do not judge others because you will be judged by yourself with the same rules that you use for others.
2) Love your Brother like yourself.

This means that your Brother is also in you because there is no separation in your world. This means let's accept your Life in all it's manifestations, Stop destroying your beauty and the beauty of others in you.
See how ALL, including us, is so beautiful!
Accept it!

Accept it as yourself.














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2009年1月19日 (月)

How to create a winter resort for birds./小鳥たちのウィンター・リゾートを作る方法

We do not have a TV at home but we have a small garden with lots of birds coming, we feel it is much more rewarding than a continuous source of sad informations...

Birds do not talk about the warming of Earth, the CO2, the financial situation,...They just act everyday the same way. When it rains they do not play around, when the sun is shining, like today, our garden becomes a birds playground.

We spend hours watching them while sipping a cup of tea or expresso. Birds bring us everyday a message about lightness and immediate reaction. They do not worry about tomorrow...
They live just in the NOW.

But they are also like us, they do not come to a garden because they think owners are nice people, they come because they find what they need to be happy : food,freedom and security.

What are the elements of birds happiness in winter?

One thing they enjoy is the birds pool I found at a home center near our house. When I bought it I never thought birds would use it, I just felt it would be decorative in the garden. In fact birds love it so much that we have to refill it with water every two days.








The most busy season for our pool is now, because it is winter time. In summer birds almost never bath because for them, bathing is not for cleaning nor for refreshing. On the contrary it is to keep their body warm. Humidity gives their feather a protective warming coating, something like a scuba diving wet suit.

Another thing birds love in winter is fruits. Mainly from the citrus family : oranges, grapefruits, etc. They also like kiwis. They eat apples but it is not their favorites. If you know a friendly fruit shop, ask for fruits they are not able to sell anymore. Birds will not complain about your oranges being too ripe...

The favorite of the birds in winter is "margarine and seeds ball" because birds look for calories and minerals to resist the cold.





Looks delicious isn't it?

Those "energy balls" are easy to make and you will be rewarded because they will put you on the top of the list of the Yearly Birds Edition of the Michelin.

Here is a 3 feathers recipe :

Buy a pack of hard type margarine non salted if possible (About 300g) and let it soften at room temperature in a big bowl. Add 800g of seeds mix for birds (the small type or medium type with some sunflower seeds inside).

Mix well with a silicon spatula then shape with your hands (very good for dry hands)into a 6 to 7cm balls (You will get about 12 to 14 balls). Let harden in the fridge or in the freezer. When hardened, roll them one by one in non stick paper or baking sheet, keep in the freezer for use when needed.

To serve the balls to your guests, re-use plastic nets  (the ones for oranges or vegetables). It is said that our winged friends prefer green nets. I am using orange ones and until now no bird complained...

Tie the net up with a string and hang it in a place where cats will not be a danger for your customers. Also I suggest that you avoid places where crows have easy access. If they find your energy balls they will gulp them down instantly like chocolate truffles...

As you see on the next picture, I use a terracotta "birds open house" as a "safety" restaurant building.










Look well, a customer is waiting for a table at the Left entrance.



And this one is eating on the terrace...

Wish you will enjoy playing with our winged friends, it is one of the joys of winter. But be careful, if you start feeding them, be regular until spring because they will rely on your generosity for survival...

Do not continue feeding your birds when spring come, it will then be time for your guests to work for you in the garden eating insects and parasites...




In Love and Beauty

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2008年12月15日 (月)

How to heal Workaholism?/ワーカーホリックの癒し方


I found this very interesting document on the net and because I feel it is very inspiring I share it with you. If you have Workaholics around you please send it to them you will help them change their life :

Affirmations for Workaholics

   1. The less I struggle, the more open I am to inspiration. The more I take it easy, the more I accomplish.
   2. My Higher Power wants me to realize my vision of joyful work and a balanced life and gives me whatever I need to achieve it at the right time.
   3. I do everything easily and effortlessly.
   4. My life is full and underscheduled.
   5. I now receive full assistance and cooperation from all persons necessary for realizing my work vision. I attract only loving people.
   6. The more I risk, the safer I am.
   7. I am more effective by being more selective.
   8. The more I play, the more God works.
   9. I have time to spare and time to share. Time is my friend. When I take time, I make time.
  10. My top priority is doing my being. Before I do anything, I first do nothing.
  11. I draw to myself everything I need for a joyful balanced life.
  12. My doing my right work strengthens all my relationships. My work brings me closer to those I love.
  13. When I take time, I make time. The more I take my time, the more time I have to take. I don't have time not to have time.
  14. I am entitled to my right work and deserve the enjoyment, recognition, and health that right work brings.
  15. I live by divine appointment with broad margins.
  16. I am still in the midst of activity and vibrantly alive in repose. I take an emergency leisurely.
  17. The slower I go, the faster I grow.
  18. Even when offered the best, I say no if I need rest. Rest is the best reward I can give myself.
  19. My body is my friend and my temple. I bless and thank it daily and obey its signals.
  20. Emotions are information. I honor their important messages.
  21. I love myself no matter what. I'm perfect just the way I am. I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.
  22. People bring me important messages (angels in my life) when I listen or meditate carefully.
  23. I work to live, not live to work.

I am sure this text can inspire you even if you do not consider yourself as a workaholic...

And here the address of the site of the Workaholic Anonymous in English :

English W.A.



  1. 苦労が少なければ少ないほど、私はインスピレーションを受けやすくなる。気楽にやればやるほど、私は多くを成し遂げる。
  2. 私の崇高なる力は、私を喜びに満ちた仕事のビジョン、バランスのとれたライフに気づかせ、達成するのに必要なものはなんでも、絶好のタイミングで与えてくれる。
  3. 私はなんでもカンタンに努力なしで行う。
  4. 私のライフは満たされ、予定どおりにすすんでいる。
  5. 私は今、私の仕事のビジョンに気づくために必要なすべての人から、完璧なる助けと協力を得ている。私は愛する人々のみ惹きつける。
  6. リスクを負えば追うほど、私はより安全になる。
  7. やりたいことを選べば、もっと上手になる。
  8. 私が遊べば遊ぶほど、神様はもっと働いてくれる。
  9. 私には余暇があり、分かち合う時間がある。時間は友。時間をかけると、時間は生み出される。
  10. 私の最優先事項は自分自身でいること。なにかをする前に、最初私はなにもしない。
  11. 喜びあふれるバランスのとれたライフのために必要なものはなんでも、私は引き寄せる。
  12. 正しい仕事をすることは、私のすべての交友関係を強力なものにする。私の仕事は、私が愛する人たちとの関係をより親密なものにする。
  13. 私が余裕をもつと、時間も生まれる。余裕を持てば持つほど、自分の時間を持てる。自分の時間がないという時間を持つ時間はない。
  14. 私は正しい仕事をする権利があり、その仕事が運んでくる楽しさ、報酬、健康を受け取るのに値する。
  15. 私は膨大な範囲の中、神聖なる任命を受け生きている。
  16. 私は未だ活躍の途中であり、活きいきとそれに応じて生きている。私はゆったりと緊急に対応している。
  17. ゆっくり行けば行くほど、私は素早く成長する。
  18. 最高のものが差し出された時でさえ、休息が必要な時はノーと言う。休息は私が自分にあげられる最良のご褒美。
  19. 私の体は私の友であり寺院である。体に神のご加護をと祈り、感謝を捧げ、体から発せられるシグナルに従う。
  20. 感情は情報である。それらの重要な情報を謹んで受け入れる。
  21. 自分がなんであれ私は自分を愛する。ありのままの自分で完璧だ。私は十分満たされ、私は十分なものを持ち、十分に行っている。
  22. 注意深く耳を澄まして瞑想すると、人々は私に重要なメッセージ(ライフの天使たち)を運んでくれる。
  23. 私は働くために生きているのではなく、生きる喜びのために働いている。



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2008年12月11日 (木)

Becoming an Urban Shaman (2)/ 都会のシャーマンになろう(2)

My fourth contribution to the site of Mitsui "Café Ecolo" is online now, if you want to see my monthly inspirational slideshow click here. This month, the theme is about "Heart ecology".

You remember that I started writing here about "Urban Shamanism" a few weeks ago. In our imagination, Shamans are often associated with "Nature", "Natural elements", "Natural Spirits" and we imagine that they are living far from the cities. We think that we have to go to South America or Hawaï, or Okinawa to meet them. Do we really have to? And even if we traveled far to meet such an exceptional being would this experience really empower us? The good news is that we have a perfect shaman living very close to us, he or she is waiting for us to notice. Where is this place? In our heart. Do you want to meet this inspired person and start learning from her? I give you an easy test. Look at this picture. What do you feel when you look at this familiar scene? Do you think it is "shoganai" or do you imagine that something can be done?


Now, turn to your inner Shaman and ask : "Is there something I can do to improve this situation?"

Wait for the answer. Then when you get it, if you feel that your Inner Shaman is OK for sharing in this blog, tell us about your inspiration.

In Love and Beauty.









In Love and Beauty

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2008年11月11日 (火)

Honeybee's visit.../ミツバチの訪問

A few weeks ago Yuri and I were having our breakfast in our garden, the weather was very nice and sunny, suddenly we had the visit of a bee...Every morning, to sweeten my expresso I use honey instead of sugar. The jar was open on the table. The bee flew around thinking -maybee-(joke may-bee fu-fufu): "Wow!  A lot of our honey here, no need to work today, let's carry some of it back home..." I must confess it was a good pure Japanese Honey and not a cheap imported one mixed with glucose sirup (mizu ame)...I started to communicate with the visitor. "Hey, what do you want?"...The answer was clear "I want to try this honey". I said "Ok, go ahead!" so she entered the jar for a tasting. In fact she felt a bit insecure being in the jar so I said "OK, let put some on a spoon". She answered "Great idea!" and so we became friends. I then said, "Ok, now we are friends so I will give you some honey on my finger" and she said " Wow, you trust me so I trust you and this is what happened.






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2008年11月 4日 (火)

"Waters of Life always flowing"/ライフの水はいつも流れている


Two comments on this blog have allowed me to write an answer I want to share with all my readers. Here it is :

Dear Maasa san, Dear Jeannie,
Thank you for your comment...
First, about the question of Maasa, I will answer by a question to myself : "What would I do if suddenly I become blind?"

Would I stay prostrated and wait for death to come remembering with regrets the time when I could see? Would I move ahead and discover the "gift" in this apparently "negative" happening?

Many people have expanded their "Inner Force" trough this kind of experiences. Life always have a message : "Move on! and love what happens!

"Always say "Yes", Move on." That is the message of Life, rivers never flow back and if they stop flowing they become dry...Water teach us great lessons isn't it?

"I AM" is not a bank, it is not a stock of memories of the past," I AM" is Life always expressing itself through BEING in the PRESENT (The GIFT of NOW).

Memories are like phantoms. In us there is a lot of lovely and lovable phantoms but phantoms are Earthbound spirits, we have to let them fly to the light, we have to let them free and not stuck in our hearts. So when the color Bordeaux disappear if you listen to life, you will discover a new experience corresponding to your new level of awareness. Nobody stays forever in the first class of a kindergarden so our toys have to change as we evolute.

And here comes my answer to Dear Jeannie (How was the Marathon?")wooden spoons and silicone spatulas are toys for me and I discovered that "for me" they constitute the best interface in this situation.

For example when I massage the breast of my wife, I can choose between using just my hands, I can use almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or talc powder... I am sure you will agree that choosing one of them will give a "different feeling" to the whole experience for her and for me.

Using a wooden spoon at some steps makes the same difference for the cake and for me. Both the cake I am creating and myself like it better this way, so the result is that the taste is affected by this "loving communication" between us : cake, wooden spoon, silicone spatula and me.

It's a teamwork.

I once looked at a video on the net of a man using a metal spatula to put the chocolate mousse he just made in small glass ramequins. And the bowl was saying "Klang!Klang!Klang!" because it was a metal bowl too...And I was feeling really bad in my heart during the whole process because chocolate mousse is so soft, this "Klan!Klang!Klang!" of metal on metal was like the bowl and the mousse saying "It hurts!It Hurts! "

In this case I would personally have chosen one of my dear silicone spatulas. And to be more precise in this case I would choose a particular shape that allows me to clean the bowl perfectly so I would not throw away any gram of this precious mousse.

But What If I do not have a silicone spatula at home dear Maasa san? Hahaha. I cannot answer because I have several of them at home. I know by experience that I always prefer this accessory when I cook...

It is what I call "lifestyle design" getting what I need to make my life enjoyable...But what if silicone spatula did not exist?

It may be the reason why somebody had the idea to create them...

He moved on, made money and helped humans get a very precious tool,...
So Maasa san...when something disappear it is  a chance to help the world, as an example of it you may have heard of Helen Keller. Her life better than my words is a living answer to your question...
























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2008年10月21日 (火)

First lesson in "urban shamanism"/“都会のシャーマニズム”レッスン1

"Organic" is one of the new magic word with "supplements", "vitamins", and other trendy outside "fast fix"...Eat  a "soja bar" and you will feel good! Have a boost to your mood with CoQ10! And if you add an organic salad after your "dynamic chakra balancing yoga class" wow! you will become a perfect "Lohas" patented human being...

If you continue this lifestyle for a while  with a  "real shojin ryori bento" once a month, do you really believe that one day Buddha will wait for you at the doors of your yoga class, wearing a White Zen Tshirt with written "I feel Zen". Can you imagine he will make a wink and say to you "Hey babee, what about a ride on Mount Sumeru on my brand new Hannya Chyngyo bike?"

No, I am sure you do not believe this will happen even if you feed yourself with "organic brown rice" all day long...
So? What are you really waiting for?
Peace? Harmony? Happiness?
A perfect mate? A great Job? A lot of money?
Is it a deal like "Oh God, if I eat lots of brown rice and wear 3 power stones bracelets will I discover the paradise?".
Can the harmony in the universe really be based on consumption of organic food?Will we have to live spending money for special skin care creams to keep our face beautiful? Really do we have such a lack of confidence in the inner natural power of Life that we think we have to use outside "supplements" to save ourselves?

The first lesson for the Urban shaman is based on one idea : "Nothing comes from outside". No Buddhas, no Gods, no health, nothing, all comes from inside, all is an EX-PRESSION of YOU...This was the theme of my book "Yutaka ni ikiru" : "YOU ARE 100% responsible". It is the most basic teaching of all religions, it is the starting point of a SHIFT. Brown rice and Fast food hamburgers are the same thing if you are able to live in a state of oneness. What is important is your attitude!

So if you want to see a change in your life and in the world, remember this simple idea: "NOTHING COMES FROM OUTSIDE". This is the very important awakening the whole universe is waiting for. How to apply it? How can we make it practical? I will explain it more in details in my next post.

I love you!


こういうライフスタイルをしばらく続けて、“本物の精進料理弁当”を一カ月に一度食べていれば、ある日“I feel ZEN”と書かれた白いTシャツのブッダが、ヨガクラスの前であなたを待っているなんて信じる?













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2008年10月19日 (日)

About "positive eco" /“ポジティブなエコ”について

How do we know about the ecological problems of the world?
Mainly through the media.

There was a time, in the past, when humans were glancing through their windows to see how the world was looking.

Now where do we look? What are our new windows?

Our new windows are not analog ones anymore. They are electronic and digital. In big cities in front of our real windows we only see another building. So, we learn about what we do not see from our TV or through the internet. This is our new "reality"...

When our ancestors were looking at the sky they thought by themselves : "oh, there is some wind coming from the south so maybe will it rain soon..."

But in our "electronic reality" how can we check?In fact, now we even do not have to think, the media give us the questions and the answers. And it looks so natural to us that we agree without any doubt : it will rain, the economy is bad, the situation is critical, the warming is dramatic,...

The new "religion" is mediatic. People do not trust gods anymore, they trust the media because they think they show the "TRUE" reality...

Now, if you want to know about the future this new religion is building, look at the so called "information" they give and try to answer this question : what is the percentage of positive news in any standard information program?

If you do not know exactly just check by yourself. Here is how you can proceeed :  take a notebook and sit in front of a TV during the main information program in the evening, the one people look at when they are back home to relax after a full day of hard work. Write a + mark for  "good" news and a - for "bad" news. At the end, compare...

I do not have a TV but I can guess the answer...Very depressing isn't it?...

It is the way almost all inhabitants of developed countries agree about the fact that the ecological situation of the planet is critical...And then people start to feel bad and this problem comes in addition to the problems they already have...

Here, I want you to notice something very interesting, why do most of people feel bad about the ecological situation of the planet? Not really for the planet but for themselves. They think "if there is a real CO2 problem it can affect me". They do not think "Oh, my small life is not a problem but I am worrying about our poor planet".
See what I mean...

It is important to see how media are manipulating our brains, they stimulate our egoistic fears : MY life, MY family, MY house, MY security...

I do not want to say that thinking about our limited family is "bad", I just want to say that a real "ecology" philosophy is wider. Ecology is the positive feeling that all this universe from microscopic bacterias to huge galaxies is ONE family totally interdependent, it is a sense of "belonging" and responsibility. 

So when we understand this ONENESS what can we do to move from an egoistic "negative ecology attitude" to a global "positive ecology practice"?

I will answer this question in my next post about "How can we become Urban shamans? "

PS: Here is a link to a website where I am explaining some of my ideas about this "positive éco" : "Café écolo"























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2008年10月15日 (水)

Eco or not eco... / エコか、エコでないか…

I don't know if you noticed that I added a category about "eco" in my blog. Why? Because I feel that "eco" is becoming a "trend" like "slow food" and "lohas" were trends...

Everybody now is using the word "eco" as a sales "keyword" and a lot of people do not see that it is the tree that hides the forest...
In fact from where does this world "ecology" comes? It was created in 1866 by a German Biologist and Philosopher called Haeckel and the German word "ökologie" was a combination of two greek words "Oikos" meaning "house" and "logos" meaning "science" or "discourse about"... So "ecology" is the study of the relationships between us and the place we live in. More largely it means the relationships between all that is, because all is living energy around us.

This idea is very important because it does not concern only nature and us but everything in nature including us...and the relationship between us...
Why are all big companies making advertisings about "eco" since the "Summit"? Does it mean that they did not do "eco" before? Does it mean that they only awaken now naively to the fact that eco is good? If so, what did they do before? Did they violate the laws of nature? And why?

Before, I almost never wrote about "eco" because for me it is an evidence...I always considered that If I live in harmony in my house, if I do my best to contribute to the beauty of the world, there is no need to talk about eco...I feel that "eco" is one more word used to hypnotise people, so from now in this blog, I will write more about this question because I am so often surprised by the way some parts of the ecology are still so neglected.

Thank you!


なぜって? ”エコ”は今や”トレンド”になりつつあるでしょ。




なぜ大企業がサミットの後、”エコ“についての広告を出すのか? 以前彼らは”エコ“してなかった? エコっていいねって気付かせただけ? 彼らは自然の法則を壊した?



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2008年10月10日 (金)

Love, only love... / ラブ、オンリーラブ…



Recently, I notice something more and more alarming. In everyday life, in the train, in the streets, in shops,... almost in all public spaces, people are getting more and more easily upset. There is a kind of "hypersensitivity" growing everywhere and mainly it looks that it affects particularly women and mainly young women...

You involuntary touch them in a crowded supermarket with a corner of your bag and you get an angry reaction, you enter by mistake in a "lady's only" wagon in the train and no woman in that wagon will forgive you. If they could, they would even ask some "controller" to put you in jail...Where is the time when people were smiling and saying "That's OK, no problem..."?

Actually people are thinking "Eco", Earth friendly, CO2 etc.  and they think they do their best to save the planet...Then what about street relations and human communication? Does it happen outside of the planet? Is it without effect on the global harmony?

I am sorry to say that in Japan this situation gets on my point of view very CRITICAL and I see women at the center of the problem. Why is there so much anger in the heart of Japanese women actually? For sure it is the result of a very long state of fact, Women feel that they have to fight to survive. Sexual harassment, abuse, submission, many old unconscious memories to release from the body of our planet (and not only in Japan). Feminine energy for sure needs a balancing but is a war a solution to do this balancing?

Because If you look well at the situation I describe you will se that it is an invisible war. It is affecting the society, the economy, the family system, everything... This is the more damaging pollution but it is invisible. If nobody notice it, if women do not start noticing the energy they radiate, the Earth will remind everybody how much all this human anger affects her. If we do not make peace in our heart be ready for more tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, wars...wars not here, but somewhere else, in a country far from Japan because what happens in our heart affects the whole and particularly the most fragile countries...

Shall we continue to close our eyes and let this hypersensitivity become a non ending cycle or shall we start now taking care of what happens in our heart : cleaning our anger, starting now, right NOW and this job is not only for women, all of us, men and woment, should do a deep heart cleaning : cleaning, cleaning, cleaning,... It is not a 10 minutes work, think about Daruma sitting several years in front of a wall, it was not only for himself but also for all the suffering of the creation...

So, what shall we do? I think that one of the most healing word in this world is "I LOVE YOU!". See, when you say "I love you", nobody will complain. If you are able to say this sincerely in the middle of a fight with somebody you will stop the fight instantly...

Yes, it may look very simple but why not give it a try. Every time you feel anger surging in you, just do your best to replace that feeling with the thought : "I love you"...

Do it ceaselessly during one day, two days, a week, a month and more...then it will become a very useful habit for you and for the whole Universe...

Just try and you will see your reality changing...

Why not start immediately ?

"- I love you!"




今、人びとは”エコ”とか、地球にやさしくしようとか、CO2を減らそうとか、自分たちの惑星を救うためにがんばろうとか考えているのに、街でのこのていらたくはいったい何なのでしょう? ホントにこの惑星で起っていることなのでしょうか? 地球規模の調和はどこへいったのやら。

申しわけないですけれども、私PJ、こんな日本の状況についてそうとう批判的、そしてこの問題の中心は女性たちだと思います。どうして現在、日本の女性たちの心の中にはそんなイライラ、怒りがあるのでしょう? 間違いなくこれはある実態の結果と言えます。女性たちは生き残るために闘わねばと感じているのです、セクハラ、いやがらせ、抑圧…古い地球の無意識の記憶(日本だけではないですけど)の表出です。女性のエネルギーはバランスが必要、でもそのバランスのために争いが必要なんでしょうか?



何が私たちにできるか? 世界でいちばん癒しの言葉のひとつに”アイラブユー”というのがあると思います。”アイラブユー”と口にする時、文句言う人はありません。もし争いの最中にこの言葉を口にるなら、すぐに争いは終わるでしょう…






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